Angered Activists Storm out of Meeting with Biden Administration

The Biden White House continues to find that it cannot reconcile the rhetoric it adopted during the campaign with the difficult realities of governing a country. Immigration activists and open borders advocates stormed out of a meeting with the Biden administration on October 16 to protest the fact that Biden is continuing to enforce some restrictions on illegal immigration at the southern border, particularly the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Activists feel betrayed by Biden

The White House can’t win now. Biden and his people would love to cooperate with the immigration activists and open the floodgates and let the whole world come to the United States.

Unfortunately for them, the reality of the situation is that this would be a calamity both for American citizens (this part doesn’t concern them) and for the migrants they would import.

Democrats have seen their embrace of open borders rhetoric met with a flood of Haitians at the southern border setting up filthy shanty towns and generally aiming to recreate a little slice of Haiti in Texas.

Democrats want to flood the country with a foreign replacement population gradually, not let it happen all at once. Impatience is the great obstacle here.

The immigration activists who stormed out of the White House meeting are angry that America is not becoming a free-for-all quickly enough.

The specific concern is that the Biden administration is continuing to enforce  policies left over from the Trump era which limit illegal migration. The activists see this as a stab in the back.

Illegals not pouring in fast enough

The Biden administration is vowing to continue to oppose the Remain in Mexico policy but activists have begun to believe that this is all talk.

It all creates a real political quagmire for the White House. No doubt most mainstream Democrats share the enthusiasm for importing millions of future voters.

On the other hand, the officials who have to handle that process are already unable to cope with the number of illegal immigrants who have become their responsibility.

While these conflicting feelings throw the government into chaos the illegal immigration activists ask why anything at all is being done to restrict migration.

Candidate Biden had the luxury of voicing their opinions about the border without having to worry about the practical concerns which President Biden must now manage.

Activists storming out of a meeting with top administration officials share the attitude of many leftists who are losing patience with the fact that Biden is still obeying some practical and legal necessities.

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