FEMA Admin Echoes Globalist Agenda With Announcement

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Deanne Criswell blamed climate change for the devastating tornados which are believed to have killed at least 100 people in the Midwest. Criswell claims that the country will be seeing more of these tornados as climate change ensure that this kind of event becomes the “new normal” for Kentucky and other states which were affected by the disaster or prone to future tornados.

FEMA blames climate change

The FEMA administrator announced that the agency will be doing everything it can to help people impacted by the storms but claimed that this situation is “unprecedented.”

President Biden said that it was too early to make a decision on whether or not climate change had been the cause of the devastation but Criswell has already made up her mind.

While Criswell did not offer any details for the climate change explanation, the phenomenon seems to get the blame for every natural disaster now and this is no exception.

Flooding in Germany and Tennessee earlier this year was ascribed to climate change, as was Hurricane Ida. The climate change declarations were almost immediate in every case.

With people still being rescued and thousands without power in the impacted areas it seems far too early to be making any assumptions about the tornados.

A tornado in the Midwest is not an unheard of phenomenon and there is no reason to decide with certainty that climate change caused this storm in particular.


Getting ahead of herself

There are any number of factors which might have contributed to the exceptionally high death toll, random chance and the course of the tornados being chief among them.

Population density in the impacted areas and the fact that factories with workers inside also contributed to high number of fatalities.

None of these factors have anything to do with the severity of the storm itself, which is what climate change would presumably be exacerbating if it were a factor.

FEMA presumably has the ability to do extensive research into the actual severity of the tornados and what led to it but they cannot have come to any real conclusions yet.

Deanne Criswell is getting ahead of even the president in her confident statement that climate change was the culprit before the dust has settled.

There has never been a period of human history without natural disasters; if there were such a drastic increase in severity then, in combination with our population, it would be shocking that there are not more deadly events.

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