Turns Out Biden’s Sec. of Health is Very CONFUSED…Clearly

Health has been fair. That’s insulting and arrogant to insinuate “people fear what they don’t understand.” We understand all too well what’s happening. In the words you’ve used on conservatives, it’s not ok to insist we accept what we’re not comfortable with. Turnabout is fair play. It’s common that teenagers are confused sexually. But you can’t change their DNA to be something they’re not.

Teens mental health isn’t being addressed

We don’t know how many teens have been harmed by encouraging a sex change. There are a couple videos out there of people who needed to switch back. It wouldn’t fit the narrative though. There’s plenty of evidence that online information needs to fit a particular thought.

Dr. Rachel Levine isn’t happy that health care and the ability for transgender athletes to perform in sports is being removed. Doctor, you probably haven’t spoken with people who aren’t changing their sex. How do the ladies feel about competing against somebody who is taking testosterone? That door swings both ways, as much as you might not like it. In one case, it nearly proved deadly.

Health care is always supposed to heal

Rather than hurt the patient. A female that transitions to a male and decides against it later will always have the male’s deep voice. That won’t go away.

In Arkansas, gender affirming health care will not even be offered to people under age 18. It’s just waiting Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s signature. Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and South Dakota have all passed legislation to ban transgender participants in youth sports.

Everything is politicized, including health

South Dakota’s governor Kristi Noem was dissatisfied enough with the bill she signed so she went over people’s heads and made an executive order. She wanted to make that bill stronger. She knows it’s a slippery slope. It only takes one to kill (youth sports).

Experience or “experts” don’t mean anything anymore when “the science” is supposedly being utilized and it’s not. “I really think that the decisions about health care for LGBTQ youth are really between the family, the child, the young person, their doctor, maybe their therapist,” Dr. Levine said recently.“We have made so much progress, but we still have a long way to go. And I think it’s really challenging to see state legislators and certain governors targeting LGBTQ people, particularly vulnerable transgender youth. I don’t see it as a political issue at all. I view this as a health equity issue. This is about fairness and equality and about specifically health equity, which is part of my portfolio. So I don’t see any risk in terms of politicization of this issue. As the vice president has said, ‘I may the the first but I’m not going to be the last.’ But I know this is new for many people…

“I like to quote that sage Yoda from Star Wars. You know, ‘Fear is the path that leads to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.’ I think that people fear what they don’t understand.” Sorry, doctor, we know exactly what’s going on.

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