Capitol Police ALERTED… Top Dems LIFE in DANGER

It looks like an extremist or a really stupid prankster is trying to scare the he** out of Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MO).

Thompson is the co-chair of the January 6 Select committee.

This week, a suspicious package was found by his office, creating quite the uproar on the Hill.

Concerning Language

Initially, the incident was reported as a suspicious package.

It was later reported that a letter had been delivered with a powder inside.

All of that ended up being a bit of an exaggeration, although there was a letter.

Capitol Police stated, “This afternoon Congressional staff inside the Rayburn House Office Building reported that they received a letter with concerning language.

“We just screened it and determined it not to have anything dangerous inside. Powder was not found inside.

“Our investigators take all concerning statements and threats seriously.

“They are now working to determine who sent the letter and why.”

We can assume the letter contained some threat.

We can only hope it is a prank and someone is not stupid enough to try to carry out an actual attack.

As much as we all despise this committee, we do not need to turn a Democrat into a martyr and wreck our movement to retake Congress in the midterm elections.

Source: Fox News

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