It Pays To Support The Biden Regime, Dozens of Major Companies Get Massive Tax Break

Major corporations are benefitting handsomely from their alliance with liberals and the Biden Administration. Some of the wealthiest companies in America are able to pay no income tax at all by abusing a variety of legal exemptions and loopholes. The Biden Administration and top Democrats, for all of their talk about fairer taxes, are in no hurry to raise taxes on companies that support them and their leftist social agenda.

Nike and others pay no income tax

While leftists love to accuse the right of being in bed with corrupt corporations and tax dodgers, the facts clearly tell a different story.

After an overwhelming majority of major American corporations in 2020 decided to publicly throw their weight behind radical leftist causes like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, these companies are now poised to be handsomely rewarded by their friends in the White House and Congress.

Nike, FedEx, and other massive companies have positioned themselves to pay no income tax again in 2021 after already receiving huge profits and financial assistance from the government in 2020 amid the pandemic lockdowns and the associated economic chaos.

While Biden has suggested the introduction of a minimum corporate tax, the timing of this proposal will provide a convenient cover for not punishing the companies which supported his campaign and other policy positions.

By introducing the minimum tax now, the administration will be able to appease allies on the economic left with some confidence that Republican opposition in Congress will be enough to ensure that the corporate tax hikes do not actually happen.

The arrangement is business as usual for the bureaucrats, politicians, and corporate lobbyists who benefit all around from their cooperation behind the scenes.

Support for leftist causes pays off

Once again, this informal cabal of politicians and corporations expects to push the tax burden onto the American middle class and small businesses while they employ their lawyers and connections to dodge their obligations.

Left wing pressure on big business is at an all time low after a tumultuous year which saw unprecedented levels of public support for radical leftist causes from major corporations, banks, and the media.

Tech monopolies played a crucial role in giving the White House to the Democrats by crushing the online presence of the right and by directly censoring President Trump. Leftists see big tech as a crucial ally in their quest to completely dominate the flow of information online.

The American left has repeatedly made it clear that they are happy to embrace a corrupt corporate oligarchy as long as it is one which is willing to back their causes and destroy their opponents.

Massive corporations are allowed to throw Americans out of work, move operations overseas, fund anti-American radicals, and do it all without paying any income tax whatsoever if they know the right people and tactics.

Whatever the official stance of the White House is, these corporations will evidently be allowed to freely abuse the tax system to keep siphoning money from the middle class and into their own multinational pockets while normal Americans struggle to pay their own taxes.

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