Ashli Babbitt

Reports Surface, We May Now Know the Name of Ashli Babbitts Killer

After six months of almost complete silence on the subject, Americans may finally know who shot Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed Air Force veteran and Trump supporter who became the only person to be intentionally killed in the Capitol on January 6. An attorney representing the Babbitt family believes that Capitol police officer Lt. Michael Byrd was the individual responsible for the shooting based on a number of clues which tie him to the incident.

Shot for protesting a questionable election

Ashli Babbitt had no intention of becoming a martyr when she travelled to Washington D.C. to hear President Trump speak on January 6.

The Air Force veteran went to the Capitol building as part of a political protest decrying the results of an election which much of the country, including the incumbent president, believed to be deeply flawed.

After entering the building with hundreds of other protesters, Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed, despite the fact that she was completely unarmed and posed no threat to anyone.

Liberals have, since the shooting , widely gloated about the death of Babbitt and declared that she deserved to be shot for protesting the results of one of the most bitterly contested elections in American history.

Members of Congress who themselves attempted to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election have, since the shooting, refused to reveal the name of the individual who killed Babbitt.

While officers present when convicted felons and violent criminals are quickly named, denounced, and in some cases imprisoned, there has been no substantial investigation into the slaying of an unarmed woman who served her country in the military and threatened no one at all.

Lawyer believes he knows who killed Ashli Babbitt

Now Terrell Roberts, the attorney representing the Babbitt family, thinks that he has identified the trigger-happy individual responsible for her death.

In 2019 Capitol police officer Michael Byrd was chastised for leaving a loaded handgun in a public restroom on Capitol Hill, where anyone at all could have picked it up and done what they wished with it.

The Lt. retained his position in spite of this and is known to have been armed and present when Ashli Babbitt was shot. Given his record with handling firearms, it is thought to be very likely that he pulled the fateful trigger.

If Byrd was responsible for the killing then it is very likely that the mainstream left will treat him as a hero given their typical response to seeing the killing of a Trump supporter.

Congress may even vote to grant him a medal for killing the unarmed veteran, given their recent record. Democrats have found in the Capitol police perhaps the one police force in America they are prepared to  praise.

The only thing Babbitt was truly guilty of is walking into the Capitol she served to defend and making politicians, who gleefully endorse violent leftist rioting everywhere else, nervous. Justice is unlikely for Ashli Babbitt, but perhaps Americans have finally learned the identity of the individual who murdered her.

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