Antifa Decides to Champion Male Who Exposed Genitals to Women and Children

The various creeps and freaks who make up the Los Angeles detachment of Antifa have rallied in support of one of their own after mothers in a spa reacted with disgust to a man who exposed himself to them and their daughters. Dueling protests were sparked by a video taken by an irate customer at the Wi Spa in LA in which she and other women express disgust at the fact that employees allowed a man to disrobe in the women’s section.

Woman told man is allowed to expose his genitals in spa

While the background of the incident is not entirely clear, the video shared by the woman on Instagram  is fairly self-explanatory.

A number of women are shown protesting the fact that a grown man has been allowed into the women’s section along with them and their daughters.

The woman filming the exchange appeared to be the  most vocal as she confronted employees for siding with the trans man against the concerns of their female customers.

“He is a man, he is not no female” she can be heard saying. Another customer can be seen demanding that employees return her money.

A man can be seen approaching the woman filming and asking if she is talking about a transgender person. “There’s no such thing as transgender” she replies.

She went on to explain “he has a penis” while the man attempted to shame the female customers for not wanting another man to be allowed to expose his genitals in the women’s section.

Antifa rallies against women’s rights

Antifa quickly rallied in support of the spa and against the “transphobes” who complained. According to the local Antifa group, it was the woman who was the aggressor in the incident, not the man who exposed his genitals to young girls.

This response appears to have been a bridge too far even for many liberals, in spite of the Antifa attempt to portray the protest as an exclusively far right cause.

While companies and governments continue their efforts to push men into public women’s restrooms and locker rooms, the visceral reality of what is involved in accepting this is too much for most people to tolerate.

In one of the many cases of leftist causes being subject to a hierarchy of importance, women’s rights came into conflict with the trans agenda in the Wi Spa and the latter was immediately given primacy.

Wi Spa is in full compliance with California law, which implicitly requires that mentally disturbed men be allowed to expose themselves to women in any facilities they choose, provided that they explain that they identify as a female first.

As people of all political persuasions come into contact with the worse of what liberal America wants to expose them to, all but the most radical will be forced to start thinking seriously about how much they are willing to accept.

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