Boom: Republican States Don’t Need the Feds Help

Some people are insulted when federal benefits are offered. We don’t need your stinking money, we can do it on our own, thanks! The feds use reception of aid funds as an indicator of how many people need their help. What if a person is doing well on their own? Republicans are historically much more likely to boldly get to work to earn our keep rather than leeching off their neighbor.

Feds now define power

By how many people need them. It benefits them to have many people receiving taxpayer dollars as opposed to taxpayers earning for themselves. The party of JFK is long gone.

Businesses are desperate for new employees so it makes sense to wean people off federal funds. People are needed back at work. Republican states are doing this faster than Democrat states.

The feds may appear to have their heart in the right place

But appearances are deceiving. People taking their assistance might not realize the back end. The Democrats will say based on numbers that this assistance is needed, look how many are taking advantage of it!

Some states were offered more than $600 per week. Thankfully there’s a lot of people going back to work according to a jobs report on Sunday.

Two Republican states

Showed up the feds, Texas and Florida. They opened up sooner. Their numbers back up that it made sense to open up.

Employers are begging for employees. Texas Governor Greg Abbott noted, “According to the Texas Workforce Commission, we have more job openings than we have people on unemployment insurance. On top of that, about 18 percent of unemployment insurance claims that have been filed have proven to be fraudulent.” So fraud is starting up here. Time to get people off unemployment and back to work.

The feds offer incentive the opposite way

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will cut back the extra $300 on July 10 as well as offering both full and part time back to work bonuses.

Governor Ducey explained, “Unemployment benefits are an important social safety net, but we can’t let them be a barrier to getting people back to work.” Unemployment benefits aren’t intended to last forever. According to reports, seven out of 10 of the weakest performing states are Democrat.

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