Victim Safe After Week Long Kidnapping

By Thursday night, March 30, kidnap victim Lauren Kingsbury was safe with her family and talking to reporters. The day before, “Brittany Copelin, who Kingsbury said is ‘her ex-girlfriend’ was taken into custody by Fairfax County Police” and charged with the abduction. Copelin faces court in two counties, Fairfax and Prince Georges.

Kidnap victim speaks out

Kidnap victim Lauren Kingsbury is having her lesbian lover charged with “kidnapping, home invasion, first degree assault, second degree assault, third degree burglary, firearm use in the commission of a felony, loaded handgun on person, and false imprisonment.” She had a rough week.

Transgender criminals are all over the news suddenly. On the heels of the Coventry School shooting in Tennessee comes a lesbian kidnapping. At least, this one has a happy ending.

Last week” the victim told reporterswas a nightmare. I kept praying to God, guide me home guide me home, guide me to my family.” Her ordeal began when Copelin broke into her Laurel, Maryland home the Friday before.

She came in blasting and “fired a shot” at Lauren. “The bullet went past my left ear. I heard ringing in my ear. I smelled the smoke. I’ve never had a gun pointed at me nonetheless a gun shot at me.

While terrified, she kept her wits, telling local outlets that she “went into survival mode.” Since she wasn’t dead already it was time to think like a hostage negotiator. “It was let’s survive, let’s figure out what to do to make this person happy.

Copelin kidnapped her and Kingsbury’s mother reported her missing on Sunday. The victim was last spotted by a doorbell camera, “leaving her home on Friday, March 24.” Police note “she was with Copelin.

Welfare check on suspect

On Tuesday, investigators with Fairfax County Police got a huge break in the case. Their phone rang around 11 a.m. with a report of another missing person, Brittany Copelin. It seems that the Charles County Sheriff’s Office gave them a jingle and asked them to do a welfare check for them on Fordson Road because another potential victim had “been reported missing.

When they got there, they found more than they expected. Kingsbury’s attorney issued a statement noting, “this case is a result of an ongoing tumultuous relationship that involved a lot violence and a lot of scary nights for my client.

On arrival, Fairfax officers were greeted by a woman who came up running “claiming she’d been abducted by Copelin.” The victim told reporters, “I ran to them with my bags in my hands crying.” Copelin wasn’t there, so they put out an alert.

Copelin was eventually spotted in her 2016 Jeep SUV. She decided to try and evade the cops and took off. “After a brief pursuit, Copeline stopped on the service road at Richmond Highway and Arlington Boulevard.

Copelin then “displayed a firearm to officers and refused to exit the Jeep.” Apparently police were well trained in how to diffuse such situations because when it was all over there wasn’t another victim. “There were several moments where she pointed a gun at her head,” Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis relates.

For more than 30 hours, officers tried to get her to come out.” That’s a long time in a Jeep. Reports note that “officers could be heard speaking to her over their PA system.” Things like “just look out the window Brittany, look at me” and “we’re here for you Brittany.” They managed to talk her into trading her gun for some donuts. “In exchange for some donuts this woman threw out the magazine that was inside her pistol.” She still didn’t come out. “Finally, around midnight on Thursday, she came out of the car.

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