Putin Drops Bombshell On Biden Regime

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out against the treatment of political prisoners in America in an interview in NBC before his meeting with President Biden. Putin responded to accusations against his own government by pointing out the death of Ashli Babbitt and the hundreds of prisoners being held in inhumane conditions in relation to the Capitol Hill protest on January 6. Putin argued strongly that the climate of intolerance in the United States is no better than the conditions in Russia.

Putin attacks Biden regime hypocrisy

When accused of attempting to assassinate his opponent Alexei Navalny, Putin leapt at the chance to point out the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration on the matter.

The White House almost simultaneously was announcing new guidelines for federal agencies which target American political dissidents and threaten to violate the civil liberties of opponents of the regime.

While many will doubt Putin’s claim that Russia had nothing to do with the poisoning of Navalny, the Russian President found ample material for deflecting these accusations back at the Biden Administration.

“They came there with political demands” Putin said of the Capitol Hill protesters, after pointing out that hundreds of them remain in prison with no hope of release.

Conditions for the prisoners have been compared to Guantanamo Bay. Prisoners are kept in solitary confinement for up to 24 hours a day in small cells.

Prisoners and their lawyers have reported being routinely abused by guards and one man was reportedly beaten so severely that he may lose an eye. Officials, of course, denied the attack.

Russian President speaks up for forgotten Americans

Putin accused the United States of assassinating Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran and Trump supporter who was shot in the Capitol building, becoming the only person killed in the protest itself.

The Capitol Police officer who shot Babbitt has not been named. Democrats continue to dote on the Capitol Police, apparently the only police force in the country which they respect.

Congress almost unanimously passed legislation recently which gives Gold Medals of honor to all of the Capitol Police officers who were present at the protest.

Representative Paul Gosar was one of the only dissenting voices in Congress, pointing out that officers who effectively executed an unarmed woman should not be rewarded for doing so.

Putin and Gosar are among the few public figures in the world who appear to have any interest in bringing attention to the plight of the imprisoned protesters and the targeting of American political dissidents.

Former President Trump has not publicly mentioned either Babbitt or the imprisoned individuals since leaving office in January.

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