Court Rules in Favor: Freedom of Speech

A court in the United Kingdom has ruled in favor of the free speech rights of a woman after she was fired for refusing to abandon her belief that men cannot become women. Maya Forstater, an employee of the nonprofit Center for Global Development, was fired in 2019 for tweets which criticized the idea of allowing anyone to change their gender identity on a whim. Forstater lost an initial court battle against her former employers but appealed the decision.

British court rules in favor of canceled employee

The economic researcher from St. Albans posted a series of tweets which criticized government plans to allow people to legally swap genders with greater ease in the United Kingdom.

Several of her fellow employees at the Center for Global Development quickly lashed out, demanding that her contract with the Center not be renewed in response to these comments.

Forstater then faced an initial tribunal under employment judge James Taylor, who ruled against her and claimed that her beliefs are “not worthy of respect in a democratic society.”

Aside from the fact that judge Taylor evidently does not know what democracy is, the ruling was obviously one which demanded an appeal from Ms Forstater.

The case was then sent to High Court Justice Chowdhury, who has now ruled that the lower court “erred in Law” and that the opinions of Ms Forstater must be tolerated.

Forstater said that she was delighted with the ruling and is proud that she has played a part in encouraging more people to speak out. Her former employers plan to continue to dispute the decision.

J.K. Rowling offers support

A prominent supporter of Maya Forstater throughout her ordeal has been Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who defended her in 2019 after her firing. Rowling sent a congratulatory message to Forstater after the latest ruling.

The usually liberal J.K. Rowling has been attacked by her fellow leftists in recent years for her opposition to much of the trans agenda.

Like Forstater, Rowling has posted a number of tweets which criticize the erasure of the concept of sex. Attacking the transgender ideology from a feminist perspective, Rowling claims that it harms women and erodes their identity.

The United States and the United Kingdom both exert similar pressure on their citizens who lag behind in embracing the trans agenda and other left wing causes.

Both countries technically allow such criticism, but there is little to protect people from being forcibly removed from the workforce by employers who have less interest in free expression.

In the United Kingdom, at least, the ruling of Justice Chowdhury offers a bit of breathing room at the moment for those who still care about the existence of biological sexes.

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