This Banner Just Got These Fans Thrown out

This isn’t going away. There will be lots of actual peaceful protests like this until the injustices we saw are corrected. There was likely method to this person’s madness. The fan was unnamed. No matter. Trump fans understand to use some different tactics to get their point across and to keep it up. These fans followed in the vein of the New Orleans overpass sign and a similar incident at Yankee Stadium last month.

Fans understand

You can get people’s attention without destruction, unlike ANTIFA and BLM. We’re far more likely to do it in a quiet way.

Conservatives don’t need to scream. We know a whisper – or a silent banner – can get people’s attention. The quiet common sense, should people be able to grasp that, gets the job done. Many are brainwashed.

Many Fenway fans

Probably agreed with the fan that unfurled that banner that said, “TRUMP WON SAVE AMERICA” over the wall of the center of the bleacher section. That person probably didn’t care that it was illegal. There was a point to be made and kept in front of people.

It happened when Zach Thompson, a starting pitcher, was being examined at the bottom of the fourth inning at the June 7 game against the Miami Marlins. He wound up having to leave due to injury.

Trump fans

Probably got a chuckle out of this sign too and understand what’s being done and why. It didn’t matter that the Red Sox have a policy that forbids signs of any kind to be hung in the ballpark.

Security quickly escorted the offending fan out. There were those that applauded the person being ejected as well as booing. It doesn’t matter, the point was made and that was probably that person’s intention. That’s ok. Keep it in front of them.

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