NAACP Threatens Lawsuit Over CRT

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People may file a lawsuit over a course in Florida that was banned because of Critical Race theory and Queer Theory being included.  It’s an AP African American studies course that had elements included that shouldn’t have been.  State law prohibits CRT from being taught in Florida schools.  The NAACP isn’t happy.

The NAACP held a press conference

To announce they weren’t pleased with the ban and what actions were being considered.  Roger Jackson of that organization challenged, “Our intent is to litigate vigorously on the grounds of equal protection.”

Others are on the same page.  Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump has also threatened.  Florida State Conference President Adora Nweze tweeted out, “NAACP leaders are now speaking and condemning Gov. DeSantis’ decision to reject a proposed AP African American Studies course.”We urge the Florida DOE and College Board to act swiftly to undo the damage that has already been done.”

The NAACP has an army

Colin Mitchell is the president of the Florida State Conference NAACP Youth and College Division.  He commented, “My own culture of history, which is a part of American history, is being removed.”

Leon Russell, chairman of the NAACP board threw in his two cents, “We will not allow public officials to rip our part of American history out of textbooks, out of the classroom and out of the mouths of teachers.”

Then the governor explained why

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said why he banned the course.  Prisons are not an exclusively black experience and African Americans want law and order too.

“They’re advocating things like abolishing prisons. Now that’s a radical political position. You’re free to take that in your own life, I don’t think very many people think that would actually work, but how is that being taught as fact?  It’s not fair to say that somehow abolishing prisons is linked to black experiences, that that’s what black people want.  I think they want law and order, just like anybody else wants law and order. So that is more ideology being used under the guise of history, and we want to do history.”

The NAACP is separating history

African Americans are part of the human and American race too.  DeSantis continued, “That’s what our standards for black history are: it’s just cut-and-dry history. You learn all the basics, you learn about the great figures.  I view it as American history. I don’t view it as separate history.”

DeSantis’ press secretary, Bryan Griffin spoke up along with a news organization that had a copy of the course.

“The Florida Department of Education has rejected the College Board’s AP African American Studies course because it lacks educational value and historical accuracy.  As submitted, the course is a vehicle for a political agenda and leaves large, ambiguous gaps that can be filled with additional ideological material, which we will not allow. As Governor DeSantis has stated, our classrooms will be a place for education, not indoctrination.”

The Daily Caller got a copy and went through it.

“Unit 4 includes a section titled ‘African American Studies: Movements and Methods,’ under which is a lesson on ‘Black Queer Studies.’ The section teaches students about ‘the concept of the queer of color critique, grounded in Black feminism and intersectionality, as a Black studies lens that shifts sexuality studies toward racial analysis,’ according to the syllabus.”

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