Biden Admin Mobilizes FBI Against Those With Opposing Views

The FBI has taken another step towards openly becoming a partisan tool for suppressing dissent with a new order from Attorney General Merrick Garland which instructs the bureau to focus on shutting down public protests against the teaching of anti-white critical race theory in schools. The implication is that the Biden administration will deploy federal law enforcement against parents who object to what their children are learning in public schools.

FBI to target concerned parents

The October 4 memo from Attorney General Garland does not explicitly state its purpose but the wording of the document makes it very clear.

The document begins by referencing a trend in recent months of parents attending local school board meetings to protest the racial and sexual agendas being taught in public schools.

Garland claims that the FBI is being directed only to combat harassment, intimidation, and violence at these meetings rather than to crack down on citizens who simply want to have their voices heard.

Given that we know precisely what Garland is referring to in his instructions we know that harassment and intimidation are being defined broadly enough to ensure that the sorts of protests which have occurred do not continue.

Parents, students, and taxpayers who have attended school board meetings have frequently made their wholly justifiable anger known by interrupting and shutting down meetings held by leftist board members.

These scenes of popular opposition to anti-white propaganda are what the Biden administration wants the FBI to eliminate in the future. This is plain to anyone who reads the memo, even if Garland does not say it outright.


Harassment and intimidation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has vowed that his state will not allow federal agents to suppress free speech. Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri attacked the memo as the latest case of the Biden administration mobilizing federal agencies for use against political opponents.

Both men seemed to be agreed that the memo is likely intended primarily to scare parents and citizens away from future protests against their local school boards.

The FBI cannot have agents monitoring every school board in the country but Garland likely hopes that the mere threat of their presence will be enough to frighten people into silence.

Garland’s Department of Justice has made it clear that it is primarily focused on combating “domestic terrorism,”  a label which it has repeatedly translated to mean political opponents of the Biden regime.

By implication, Merrick Garland has just stated that the federal government views the millions of parents who are unhappy with what their children are being taught in public schools as potential domestic terrorists.

The memo ironically ends by stating that the Justice Department and the FBI are devoted to ensuring that Americans are not subjected to harassment and intimidation. This is ironic given that the FBI itself loves nothing better than harassing and intimidating American citizens for their beliefs.

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