Graphic Video: This Man Goes Completely Off on Biden Supporters…Drops Truth Bombs All Over the Place

“Anybody but Trump”. Well, you got it. You can hear his understandable fury, salty language and all. Biden supporters need to be shamed. He’s in a gas line. Some gas stations don’t have fuel. We still need fuel, folks! Gretchen Whitmer is trying to make matters worse too. Biden started the downward cascade by shutting off that pipeline that got fuel to us cost efficiently.

Biden is in charge

Biden is not a businessman. He’s a career politician that hasn’t done a thing in 47 years, now propped up in the Presidency by people that just want to ruin America.

Democrats may think they’re punishing Trump supporters. They probably don’t care that fellow Democrats are caught in the crossfire. That’s collateral damage. The power and money grab may also be in play. They know Trump has the goods on them and thankfully he’s a master chess player.

The Video can be found here on instagram

Trump supporters got hammered

Every day, 24/7 for four years. And Trump did it for free! He donated his salary. Liberals hated that. This gentleman and many others stood behind him and said why we stand by him.

“You want to detach yourself from everything Joe Biden’s doing, nope, you voted for him, that’s what the f**k you wanted, own it! You’re a bunch of f**kin’ useful idiots!”

Election 2016 was a fluke

Democrats really had nobody and the media didn’t take Trump seriously. Now everybody takes him seriously. Among the many good things he did was flip California. Nobody could do that or broker peace in the middle East!

Trump was never in their plans. The Democrats and Biden just wanted to do what they wanted. “He was f**king up their plan, that’s why the politicians didn’t like Trump”.

Biden supporters

Need to be shamed regularly, daily and all over the internet. But you’re not supposed to shame people. But stupid stuff needs to hurt – within reason – or you don’t learn from it. If you still want Biden even after all the chaos and pain he’s caused, just because isn’t not Trump, that’s not right. This hurts your neighbor. Don’t hurt the person next to you.

This gentleman continued, “The day Trump won you might have been on your way to work, not standing at a f**king gas station waiting for gas, you weren’t waiting for a f**king stimulus check, you weren’t waiting for that extra $300 or food stamps! Want to get rid of Trump! F**k Trump! Politicians wanted to get rid of Trump for one reason, so they could do what the f**k they wanted!”

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