Palestinian Terrorists Chased Down This Jewish Man…Now He is Speaking Out About it

Flag waving Palestinian terrorists tried to run a Jewish man down with their vehicles as he walked to the local synagogue. This didn’t happen in Jerusalem, it happened in liberal Los Angeles. The racist violence in Gaza has taken a foothold right here in the United States, as a growing number of anti-Semitic incidents started flooding the streets of Democrat run cities with a wave of hate crimes.

Palestinian terrorists on tape

Security footage taken in Los Angeles on Monday, May 17, clearly shows a Jewish man being hunted down like an animal as he scampers for his life. The unidentified person of Jewish faith and ancestry was brutally pursued by two vehicles clearly flying Palestinian flags and shouting the traditional Arab war cry,”Allahu akbar.”

All the man was doing was minding his own business walking to synagogue to celebrate Shavout. “I’ve taken this route a million times and I’ve never been afraid,” he reports.

He told reporters that he “was waiting by the light for it to change and suddenly I saw a bunch of cars coming and I see out of the corner of my eye they were waving the Palestinian flag.” That caught his attention but then it got worse.

“They started speeding up and I heard them chanting ‘Allahu akbar.’ That’s when I started running for my life.” The video clearly shows his frantic escape through a Bank of America parking lot. “I ran as fast as I could.”

Palestinian terrorists tried to run a Jewish man down.

His Palestinian pursuers “were picking up speed and I really thought they were going to run me over, that it would all be over. I was petrified.” All he could think of was his children. “I’m a father of six and I want to come home to them tonight.”

He really “thought they were going to kill me. My mind was racing.” Thankfully, he made it into the synagogue, yelling for “fellow worshipers to help him secure the building.” It was an obvious attack and who knew how bad it could get.

You won’t see Jews doing that

Once he had a chance to catch his breath in safety, the anger set in. “I thought to myself, America has always been about freedom of religion. You’ll never see any Jews in my community attacking pro-Palestinians in a residential neighborhood like you saw here. And yet, I don’t feel safe walking around.”

The LAPD might get around to it someday, if they get any funding, but claim to be “aggressively investigating the incident.” They aren’t calling the Palestinian terrorism a hate crime yet. The liberal city at least acknowledged another very similar event on Tuesday is.

Waseem Awawdeh, 23, was arrested for using a crutch to assault Joseph Borgen.

As Israel responded to relentless Palestinian rocket attacks with much more effective air strikes of their own for a couple of weeks, on Tuesday, “a pro-Palestine gang attacked Jewish restaurant patrons in LA.” That one, officials admit, was an “organized anti-Semitic attack.”

In that riot, “a bunch of the cars stopped and maybe 30 of the men in the cars got out, started running towards the tables and asking indiscriminately, ‘Who’s Jewish?'” They were throwing punches and bottles. “Five victims were punched or cut by broken glass, but no one was seriously hurt.”

There was another Palestinian terror attack in New York City’s Times Square Thursday afternoon. In that battle, “a firework was thrown from a pickup truck in a pro-Palestinian convoy in Manhattan’s heavily Jewish Diamond District.” By the end of that riot, “more than two dozen people were arrested as pro-Israel and pro-Palestine demonstrators clashed in New York City’s Times Square and police were investigating the gang assault of a Jewish man as a hate crime.” Mayor Bill de Blasio condemned it.

“We had a man viciously beaten simply because he appeared to some individuals to be Jewish. We had folks throwing very potent fireworks and creating harm to others and burning some folks, at least one person.” The victim spoke later, Joseph Borgen relates, he was “just cowering, just making sure I would survive. They were using their fists. They were kicking me, punching me, kicking me all over my body. I have bruises on my ribs, my back, all over.” Waseem Awawdeh, 23, was arrested for using a crutch to assault Borgen.

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