Anti-White Hate Crimes Reach New Staggering Percentage

Anti-white hate crimes soared by more than 100% in 2020 compared to 2019 according to statistics released by the  Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations. This should be no shock given what has happened in recent years.  In fact, the only remotely surprising fact which emerged in the data gathered by the study is the fact that anti-white hate crimes were recognized or quantified at all, given how widespread the idea is that they cannot exist.

Anti-white hate crimes skyrocket in year of BLM

Anti-white hatred has been institutionalized by the federal government, the media, and the educational system. We are now seeing the obvious results.

The vast majority of crimes which realistically should have been considered anti-white hate crimes were probably not recorded in the data. If they were then the spike would have been even more dramatic.

Unfortunately, this brand of hate crime is the only variety which is generally acceptable in mainstream American society, if not actively encouraged.

The mainstream and the vast majority of politicians in both of the major parties spent 2020 loudly proclaiming that whites are guilty for all of the ills in the United States and, by extension, the world.

None of these people will have any sympathy for the normal white Americans who are increasingly victimized by these crimes as a direct consequence of their rhetoric.

RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Tim Scott would rather mourn for George Floyd and accuse the United States of suffering from an “original sin” than bring attention to the fact that hate crimes directed at the largest demographic group in the country are rising rapidly.

This is meant to make you think you might deserve the hate crimes

Institutionalized anti-whiteness

Every leftist who has spent the last two years denouncing “white privilege” and committing to the dismantling of whiteness bears moral responsibility for these crimes.

Of course, they wouldn’t mind even if they recognized that. Attacks, both verbal and physical, on white people are the only variety of racial hatred which is perfectly acceptable in this country.

White Americans are being taught by the most powerful people in this country that they are obligated to meekly accept discrimination and attacks against them as a just reprisal for that “original sin.”

Between the dramatic rise in anti-white violence, the destruction of historic monuments, and the frequently genocidal rhetoric which appears in academia and the media, it is no great stretch to argue that the stage is being set for ethnic cleansing.

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse was no doubt intended to be an example for white people who think about resisting these sorts of media approved attacks.

If most Republicans are still refusing to address this issue, the election of Glenn Youngkin, who did address it, in Virginia is a promising sign that normal Americans have had enough of this state-sanctioned racial hatred.

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