It’s Happening in Other Countries

Attacks on European and American heritage and identity are not just limited to the United States. Our northern friends have lost their national holiday to a systematic campaign of brainwashing and self-hatred spread by leftists. Canada Day was marred by mobs preaching their hatred of the Great White North and toppling statues in scenes that will be familiar to any American after the events of the last year.

Canada under attack

Canada Day, also known as Dominion Day, is celebrated every July 1 to commemorate the birth of the Canadian Confederation, when the separate colonies that made up British Canada all united into one Dominion within the Empire.

Now the very existence of Canada and her people is threatened by a left wing attempt to exterminate the Canadian identity and imitate the destruction of heritage and culture which has occurred in America.

A fictional story of “genocide” is being forced on Canadians as necessitating the end of Canada itself by liberals in the media and government.

Like what we have seen in America, the aim is to ensure the complete destruction of everything that makes Canada Canadian and turn our northern neighbor into an empty vessel for anti-white and anti-Christian hatred.

Canadian churches were destroyed by arsonists across Canada and statues of Queens Victoria and Elizabeth II were torn down by angry anti-Canadian mobs in Winnipeg.

Obviously the invented and sensationalized stories did not really prompt any of this; the attacks on Canada have come from a concerted effort by the same forces that are destroying America to find an excuse to do the same to our northern cousins.

Before we faced a common enemy

Western civilization torn apart

Can any western nation weather this storm without experiencing similar scenes? It seems doubtful; every country in North America and Europe where liberalism has taken root is finding itself tortured by the self-hatred and perverse corruption of morality being preached by these people.

Like the invented Tulsa narrative, what is happening in Canada is an effort to create a foundational myth that justifies the complete destruction of everything built by the wicked white men who founded the nations.

Almost nothing of the hysterical media narrative is true, but that will not stop political leaders from declaring that national pride must be abolished in response.

Supposedly there are mass graves waiting to be uncovered in Canada which contain hundreds of bodies of native children who were attending English language schools established by the government.

Like the Tulsa graves, these have been very elusive and there is not an ounce of justification for arguing that the bodies which have supposedly been identified perished due to anything other than natural causes generally and in particular the Spanish Flu, which killed millions of white people as well.

Canadians, like Americans, Britons, and every other people, deserve to feel pride in who they are and what their nation has achieved. God bless Canada, the maple leaf forever!

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