They Just Said A Pearl Harbor Level Attack May Be On The Way

A leading expert has warned that China has planned a Pearl Harbor-style surprise attack on the U.S. which would cause the death of thousands.

Former army major general and Liberal Senator Jim Molan shared a warning that China has been plotting attacking US resources in the western Pacific much like the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Apparently this attack could serve as a way for China to achieve its objective of removing the US from the western Pacific and bringing Taiwan back into its fold.

“Having removed America from the Western Pacific they say to Taiwan, well Taiwan what are you going to do now? Are you going to fight on without the Americans backing you up? Of course they’re not.”

However, ‘The Sun Online’ received word from former China analyst at the Pentagon Oriana Skylar Mastro that Beijing views an invasion of the island just the same as a war with the US.

Get ready on the Mainland USA. They are going to approach an attack different than Pearl Harbor.

— Christopher Greene (@amtvmedia) August 5, 2022

‘The U.S. Sun’ reported additional details:

Mastro told The Sun Online these types of blockade war games are set to become more commonplace as the threat of war increasingly looms.

She explained that Beijing now believes it also has to fight the US if it is to fulfil its long cherished goal of invading Taiwan and “reuniting” with the mainland.

Mastro believes the most likely way such a conflict would play out is with a Pearl Harbor-style attack on US forces in the region.

It would be designed to try and knock out US forces so they could not react to stop China gaining a foothold in Taiwan, which it regards as its territory.

The strategic gamble would be an attempt to stall a wider war – just as Japan hoped when they attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941, drawing the US into World War Two.

It would be one of the chilling factors China would have to weigh up if decides the only way to “reunification” with Taiwan is an invasion.

“It’s about hitting hard and early so we can’t get boots on the island before the United States can launch a response,” Mastro told The Sun Online.

She went on: “My argument is that the more people like Pelosi try to make the US commitment clear, then the more certain the Chinese are of our commitment – and the more likely a Pearl Harbor-style attack is.”

This warning comes in light of China conducting military exercises off Taiwan, including live-fire missiles.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan sparked the response from China. This is the first most senior US figure to visit Taiwan in decades.

Sources: WLT, The U.S. Sun


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