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Tucker Carlson Shuts Down Disturbing Rumor About Him…

Liberal authors really seem like they have nothing else better to do but fabricate fake drama just to get a few extra clicks for attention. This is a perfect example of that. In Michael Wolff’s recent book “The Fall: The End of Fox News and the Murdoch Dynasty” there’s allegedly a claim about Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida having kicked one of Tucker Carlson’s family dogs. Of course, Carlson himself quickly refused this “absurd” rumor.

However, despite not being able to prove his allegations, liberal publications still desperately wanted part of the story to be true.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident as Wolff has a history of appearing to invent key details in some books he has written such as “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” for which Business Insider identified eleven disputed claims.

Furthermore, this isn’t just limited to Wolff as back in 2002 Columbia University rescinded its prestigious Bancroft Prize they had awarded historian Michael Bellesiles due to evidence found for falsification along with serious failures within his anti-Second Amendment book “Arming America: The National Gun Culture”.

Sadly, among graduate students at that time who were predominantly liberal there was mixed reception on whether or not it mattered that these authors had lied – many only cared if it related to their ideological objectives.

It is clear that something needs to be done about unethical journalism practices like those seen from both Wolff and Bellesiles so that others are discouraged from doing likewise in future, but what exactly should be done?

One possible solution could be for publishers to take appropriate steps when they become aware of any false or unverified information provided by authors before publishing their work such as removing any questionable content or even retracting works altogether if necessary.

They also need to ensure that proper fact checking processes are put into place in order to verify information before it goes out into circulation.

Finally, journalists themselves must operate ethically – while it can often seem easier and quicker to simply make up stories rather than verifying facts first it will ultimately only harm them in the long run if caught out lying about things which damages everyone’s credibility over time.

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