Watch as Fake News Reporter Receives Insta Karma During Trump Border Visit

Watch as Fake News Reporter Receives Insta Karma During Trump Border Visit

During former President Donald Trump’s visit to the southern border, an attention-seeking fake news reporter received some instant karma after asking a ridiculous question in an attempt to stay relevant by pandering to his rabid leftist fanbase.

No one takes CNN “correspondent” Jim Acosta seriously anymore, and he is desperate to stay relevant. After being denied an interview by GOP Rep. Mo Brooks because he didn’t “trust CNN to be honorable or truthful,” Acosta has decided to go back to what he loves best: randomly yelling at Donald Trump to get attention.

Self-obsessed Jim Acosta earned a loud round of boos after interrupting Donald Trump’s press conference to ask a question about the over-hyped January 6th incident at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

While visiting the southern border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to call out the Biden administration’s disastrous policies, Trump held a press event.

In the middle of the event, Acosta decided he needed some attention, suddenly bursting out with a completely unrelated question: “Mr. Trump, will you apologize about Jan. 6th?”

Trump rightfully ignored him, while the event’s attendees burst out into loud boos, prompting Trump to flash a thumbs-up sign at them.


Watch from another angle:

Soon after his attention-seeking stunt, Acosta took to Twitter to “pat himself on the back and be massaged by his groupies,” as reported by BizPac Review.

“Video of my question to Trump whether he would apologize for January 6th. No response,” the fake news reporter tweeted.

Acosta’s fans, who represent CNN’s dwindling audience, came out in force to celebrate their hero.

“You are a legend brother,” wrote Scott Dworkin, another member of the left-wing fake news.

Washed-up former Star Wars actor Mark Hamill replied to Acosta’s tweet, stating that the self-obsessed journalist is “among the best reporters of all time!”

Most of the supporting comments on Acosta’s tweet were just deranged leftists with no sense of reality. One of these Twitter users wrote: “Thank you, Jim. The mobster seditionists are apparently attempting to set up a shadow government to continue pushing the insurrection. They commit crimes right in the open every day it seems.”

Acosta is no stranger to boos and jeers. He showed up to CPAC this year and received chants of “CNN sucks!” and “Jim Acosta is fake news!”

His self-obsession has become a meme among conservatives. Ben Shapiro tweeted: “Ladies, find you a man who loves you like Jim Acosta loves Jim Acosta.”

Even satire site The Babylon Bee has made fun of Acosta’s attention-seeking, writing a story entitled: “Jim Acosta Awards Self ‘The Jim Acosta Award For Courageous And Handsome Journalism.’”

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