Emails Revealed: Turns Out Trump Was Correct

The release of a trove of emails from Dr. Anthony Fauci is leading many Republicans to feel in their skepticism related to the origins of COVID-19. Among the thousands of emails released through the Freedom of Information Act there is proof that the possibility of the virus having emerged from a Chinese lab was being seriously considered, even as Fauci and others were publicly dismissing such speculation as being conspiracy theorizing.

Fauci emails exposed

Senator Rand Paul, who has had several public arguments with Fauci over his handling of the virus, posted “told you” on Twitter, accompanied by #firefauci.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise pointed out that, according to the released emails, Fauci was actively discussing the possibility of a lab leak even as the media and big tech companies were crushing public speculation and claiming that it was a baseless conspiracy theory.

All have now been forced to abandon their hard stances against this particular “conspiracy theory” as the Biden Administration has now publicly admitted that it is a possibility which is being investigated.

At best Fauci stayed silent and allowed President Trump and other Republicans to be attacked for  something which he thought could be within the realm of possibility.

Other prominent Republicans have taken this to have been a partisan decision from Fauci. Some have joined Senator Paul in calling for his resignation.

Congressional Republicans have been largely unanimous in calling at the very least for an increase in transparency from Fauci and the National Institutes of Health.

Multiple inconsistencies

In emails sent during the Trump Administration Fauci repeatedly claimed that there was no censorship or pressure on him to refrain from making any public statements.

This contrasts with the interview with Rachel Maddow which took place immediately after Biden took office, in which Fauci claimed that he actually had been restricted from appearing by the Trump Administration.

The extent to which Fauci has expressed trust in China has also fluctuated; redacted emails hide some of his early responses to the idea of a lab leak, which associates of his described as a conspiracy theory.

When asked about the redacted emails, Fauci claimed that he could not remember what he had responded with at the time.

Like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose actions during the pandemic have also been very questionable at times, Fauci will soon be releasing a memoir lauding his supposedly exceptional leadership.

This raises the question of when Dr. Fauci found the time to write a book over the course of such a busy year. Of course, the answer is likely that he didn’t. Like Cuomo, Fauci’s probably ghostwritten memoir is a quick attempt to cash in on his current fame and infamy.

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