He Just Confessed…Authorities Left Speechless

It’s not easy to shock the police but Raul Meza Jr. is a little too casual about killing people, or worse. His general attitude is one of “yeah, sure, I did it. Who cares?” They met him on May 20, after he murdered his roommate, 80-year-old Jesse Fraga. Cops in the town of Pflugerville, Texas spotted him driving Fraga’s gray Toyota Tundra. Once they got to know him better at the station, he had all sorts of interesting things to tell them.

Police crack ‘multiple cold cases’

Police had Raul Meza Jr. listed as “a person of interest” in their ongoing investigation of “the stabbing death of his 80-year-old roommate.” That would be Jesse Fraga. Meza has already been convicted and imprisoned as a “child rapist and murderer.

He’s also “connected to multiple cold cases” that aren’t so cold anymore. He was arrested this week after he confessed. He called them up to do it.

After the cops spotted Fraga’s Toyota on the road, with Meza behind the wheel, they talked the judge into an arrest warrant. Before they had a chance to track him down, 62-year-old Meza “called the Homicide Division of the Austin Police Department with a chilling message.

According to detective Patrick Reed, the message was: “My name is Raul Meza, and you’re looking for me.” While confirming he was the one who ended the life of Fraga, he casually admitted to killing “a female in 2019.

There were more. “I got out (of prison) in 2016, I end up murdering a lady soon afterward,” Meza rambled to police. Until then, cops didn’t have a clue what he had been up to. They got involved when called to do a welfare check on Mr. Fraga.

What they found gave them reason to believe foul play had been involved. Officers “discovered Fraga inside a closet with a belt around his neck along with knives and blood around the home.” The Travis County Medical Examiner adds that “Fraga died from a puncture wound and a severed cervical spine.” That would do it.

Person of interest

Police instantly considered Meza to be a person interesting to talk to. They had no idea how interesting until he started talking. The victim first met Meza “in the 1990s when the latter was out on parole and Fraga was an adult probation officer trying to help rehabilitate the con.” The cops took him safely into custody and they’re hanging on to him.

They filed “four charges including one capital murder charge, a felony for Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, and two undisclosed 1st-degree felonies.” When they arrested him, “Meza had bags of zip ties, duct tape and rounds of ammo.” They called in the Marshals for help.

U.S. Marshals “approached, surrounded him, and then took him into custody within a blink of an eye. And I think that was a key advantage based on what was in that bag,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla underscores. Police say Meza has been a menace to society since 1975. That’s when he “was first arrested and charged with the aggravated robbery of an Austin convenience store clerk.

He got 20 years and served five. While out on parole in 1982, he was “charged with raping and murdering eight-year-old Kendra Page, before dumping her body into an elementary school’s dumpster.” When the jury found him guilty, he was supposed to stay safely off the streets for 46 years. After only 11 of them, he was released for “good behavior.” He violated that parole in 1994.

They let him out again in 2012 and he managed to keep his nose clean until 2019. That’s when he killed his 66-year-old neighbor, Gloria Lofton.

That one was “never officially solved” even though “a DNA profile from the scene matched Meza in 2020.” Police didn’t bother to look for him. He confirmed it for them now. Maybe this time they’ll keep him in prison for a while.

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