DNC Panelist Admits Exactly What the Evil Agenda Is…There is No Hiding it Now

The evil Democrat agenda is all “about the destruction of colonization, white supremacy, and capitalism.” Democrat anarchists can no longer hide their true intentions. A panelist at the Democrat National Convention was there specifically to brainwash young impressionable liberals associated with the Youth Council of the DNC. The future that they are supposed to build couldn’t make Bernie Sanders any happier. They want to make America into a carbon copy of Venezuela.

The evil Democrat agenda

On Monday, panelist Ashley McCray appeared at the Democratic National Convention specifically to warp the minds of young impressionable Democrats with the latest version of the progressive agenda. Considering that they already signed up with the blue team, it’s obvious that they’ve at least been sipping the Kool-aid. Now it’s time for some of the harder stuff.

McCray preached a sermon to the DNC’s Youth Council on building a progressive future. The “future we all want,” instructed McCray, is all about destruction of the present. The future “that we’re all trying to build, really is about the destruction of colonization, white supremacy, and capitalism.” By White “supremacy” she means “the status quo.” Colonization means putting Black Lives Matter anarchists in jail for torching the Autozone. Capitalism, of course, is the evil process of expecting to be paid for your labor. Their agenda is to abolish all that.

Modern progressive New World Order open borders Democrats “must really move away from these systems and these frameworks if we really want to live in a future that does have a regenerative economy and does enable liberation and equity for our communities. This is definitely something that we all want to push for.” In Venezuela they have that kind of “regenerative economy.” The South American version of that agenda is working so well that the citizens don’t even bother using their money for toilet paper anymore, because it scratches too much, and they’ve taken to eating their pets.

The Green New Deal

Another huge part of the Democrat’s evil agenda is their plan to sequester cow farts. Ms. McCray urged young party comrades to “push forward Green New Deal.” Otherwise known as “the AOC-Markey policy” at the federal level, there are other versions at the state level which the Democrat Ministry of Truth was eager to promote. “On a state level, many different policies are being pushed forward that do relate to the Green New Deal, that are collectively moving forward into this regenerative economy and this regenerative future.”

The kiddies were all presumed to have done their homework so all of them should know by heart that “Regenerative economics” means the Earth and Sun are now considered “capital assets.” It is meant to “place the true value on the human support system known as the environment.” In other words, a scheme to allow China to pay cash for “carbon credits” to offset their horrible pollution. The carbon credits are produced by credit for having clean air, like we have in the U.S. already. The agenda is simply a new way to create money out of smog while allowing China to continue polluting at will. They merely reworked the Cap and Trade debacle and re-branded it to sell to the Millennials.

McCray spelled out in no uncertain terms exactly how evil their world domination agenda is. “And really, our position is that the Green New Deal and its policies, we’re moving toward this way anyway.” George Soros ordered it.


  1. What’s wrong with Capitalism? It has made America the most prosperous nation in the world and also the most generous. People from all over the world risk their lives to get here, both legally and illegally. Where are the caravans of people trying to escape “evil” America?
    The Green New Deal would drastically change the world for the worse. Research it. You think it is going to help the starving children of the world? No it would result in massive depopulation. it will result in unfair wealth distribution. there is much to the Dems agenda. If you don’t want to do your research just move to Venezuela.

  2. First of all how do they plan to pay for everything . They want everything for free yet they can’t say how their going to pay for it . The again they never plan to really give everything for free . You really think their rich friends will pay to give you every for free and lose money out of their pockets ??? Right now their trying to tell the snowflakes what’s wrong and who to blame , Just like in every other election . It’s about power , they already said that . They will do any and every thing for that power to control us . The snowflakes never learn a damn thing about the delusional democrats pass . They cry every one else is a racists yet it was the delusional democrats that had the slave . Hell even obamas white side had slaves . Look it up … And yet blacks vote for the delusional democrat . Guess their still slaves to the masters . I mean if you don’t vote for them your not black … right ??? The blacks that are fighting for the BLM are only doing so for the free money they get from their master’s ( delusional democrats ) it has nothing to with real black family lifes . Didn’t they kill black kids and just blew it off as … some must die for the cause . Blacks killing blacks for the cause ??? Give me a brake … I wasn’t born yesterday .The younger people better wake up to the real world . They will find out to late how the delusional democrats speak with a fork tounge . They think their helping to plan a new and better world to live in , only to be played like ever other generation was by the delusional democrats to gain the power they wanted . Every other country that tryed to change like the delusional democrats are now failed big time . only the rich running things lived well while the people suffered badly . This will be their new world . I hope they remember that after they find out the truth , Cause they helped to make it so . They will be their own worse enemy in the end . Wake up people befor it’s to late . You can see what’s happening right befor your eyes . Don’t be stupid and turn a blind eye to it . Don’t give up your freedom for their cause .

  3. There isn’t a nation who uses socialism that isn’t bankrupt and that includes our nation. Socialistic program cost our nation almost 2 trillion a year and when added to the cost of running our nation while giving billions to foreign nations because they are bankrupt we spend trillions more than we take in. If our nation went totally socialistic people would stop working because if the government is going to foot the bill for others at their expense then the government should foot the bill for them. The problem is without businesses and workers there will be no taxes and no taxes means all the leaches wont have anything to leach off of because the government does not earn money they take it from the people who produce and work.

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