Democratic Senator Clyburn Vehemently Pushes for More Federal Control

By their words one knows their ambition. Senator Clyburn pushes for career advancement and his party’s power. Democrats may be showing their fear of what happened January 6. We just passed that one year anniversary. Clyburn quoted Alexander Hamilton that elections “should not be left up to the states.”. The dispute between the states and the federal government in elections has been going on a long time.

Clyburn is also on the Coronavirus Subcommittee

He spoke at a hearing in Washington September 23, 2020 that federal officials know what they’re doing. He also spoke on Fox News Sunday. “I am a federal official, but I understand very well how federal elections are run. Most people who are now serving at the federal level have at one time served in some capacity at the state and local levels as well, so they too have an understanding.”

Clyburn also mentioned amendments having to do with less state involvement, “That’s why states were not allowed to put term limits on federal officials, so the elections were not solely conducted by the states. That’s why the voting rights act was necessary and that’s why the fifth amendment to the constitution, why the 18th amendment to the constitution are necessary – all because it had to go beyond the states to determine.”

Break the Senate

According to Clyburn, voting rights reforms and changing the filibuster would be necessary. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was shocked, “It is surreal to hear sitting senators invoke Jan. 6 to justify breaking the rules to grab outcomes they have not earned. It is jaw-dropping for colleagues to propose to commemorate that by breaking the Senate themselves.”

But Clyburn said it’s time to “mature”, to not be stuck in old ways. “What is true today was not true then, and therefore the kind of changes that we need to make, the kind of modifications that we need to make must fit the times. Just because you’ve got one little nugget that was true back in 1876 doesn’t meant that that is true in 1976 … This country has matured. This is not the same country it was over 200 years ago. We as a people must mature right along with it.”

Democrat colleagues

Are right along with Clyburn. Chuck Schumer wants to gut the filibuster, breaking the Senate. Schumer said that would prevent another January 6 protest. “We must adapt. The Senate was designed to evolve and has evolved many times in our history.”

McConnell is open to changes to the 1887 Electoral Count Act but not to massive changes to Senate rules. “No party that would trash the Senate’s legislation traditions can be trusted to seize control over election laws all across America. Nobody who is this desperate to take over our democracy on a one-party basis can be allowed to do it.”

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