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New Details Come to Light About Joe Biden

President Joe Biden was allegedly told that the intelligence reports he was receiving regarding the situation in Afghanistan may have been catastrophically wrong but he refused to alter his withdrawal plans. The president was reportedly told by General Austin Miller, commanding U.S. forces in Afghanistan, that  the collapse of the Afghan government would be much more rapid than what the White House was expecting.

White House listened to the wrong advice

Joe Biden always intended to complete the withdrawal promised to the country by President Trump; leaving Afghanistan after nearly twenty years was overwhelmingly popular with the American people.

The problem was that the White House arranged the details of these withdrawal plans with a reliance on completely misguided intelligence reports.

It has become clear that Biden was willing to accept the eventual collapse of the Afghan regime, a collapse which he assumed would take place several years after the United States had left.

If this had gone as planned then the White House would not need to suffer through too much public scrutiny, having already washed its hands of the matter well in advance.

General Miller reportedly told Biden that he disagreed with the intelligence assessments which indicated that his administration would be able to get out without too much scrutiny.

These warnings were obviously ignored and the White House found itself scrambling to escape from a catastrophic situation after repeatedly telling the world that just such a thing would not be seen under President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden humiliated by Taliban conquest

As it happened, the Taliban won perhaps the most astonishing military victory which the 21st century has seen thus far, taking the entire country in a matter of weeks.

The White House has been forced to embarrass itself by confessing that it knew that the Kabul government would collapse but that it was completely blindsided by the speed with which this occurred.

Despite some claims to the contrary, no one predicted that Afghanistan would fall to the Taliban so quickly. There were, however, voices warning Biden and his people to not count on a leisurely withdrawal.

Instead of listening to General Miller and others in this regard, Biden made no arrangements to complete the evacuation of civilians before going through with the military withdrawal.

In hindsight we know that a Taliban victory was always inevitable in Afghanistan and that Joe Biden would have been incapable of doing anything to change that even if he had tried.

We also know that the White House was infested with wishful thinking and assurances from the Pentagon and the CIA which convinced the administration to be disastrously careless in handling the withdrawal.

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