BREAKING: Durham Now Has Cold Hard Evidence! Now to Put People Behind Bars

U.S. Attorney John Durham now has the cold hard evidence he needs to start putting people behind bars, and a powerful insider assures impatient Americans that they can “expect indictments” by the end of summer, as promised.

Durham has his hands on the evidence

Americans are growing ever more impatient for Barack Obama and his minions to face the justice they deserve. The former deputy to Michael Flynn, during Flynn’s stint as President Trump’s national security adviser, told Fox News this week that John Durham has enough cold, hard evidence to start arresting people.

“Now,” K.T. McFarland insists, “there is the cold, hard evidence.” According to Flynn’s deputy, “it turns out that these senior officials in the intelligence community and the FBI, they all took notes. They all texted each other. They all had handwritten notes of meetings.” Every bit of it is evidence to be used against them in court.

McFarland has an interest in the proceedings because she got thrown under the bus along with Flynn, when the FBI entrapped him.

That’s how she knows details of the evidence already gathered. “From what I’m hearing, the Durham investigation and the Justice Department is the getting to the point where I think we can expect some indictments before the end of the summer.” That is extremely good news for the American public who was beginning to believe they would need to become as “unreasonable” as the rest of the anarchists to get anything accomplished.

DOJ expects ‘developments’

It’s been a full year since Attorney General William Barr unleashed Durham to tear into the Deep State deception.

The special prosecutor has been keeping a tight lid on what’s going on behind the scenes in his probe. All we know is that every day more and more evidence of misconduct by the Federal Bureau of Instigation and the Department of Injustice are declassified every week.

If Durham doesn’t start arresting people soon on some really serious charges, there will be even more riots in the streets.

Ever since last fall, the public has been aware that there was enough evidence to shift the focus into a criminal investigation.

Despite the efforts of Adam Schiff to hide the documents by classifying them, former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell managed to get them out to the public last month.

We also learned that Michael Flynn was intentionally entrapped by the FBI, The FBI and DOJ forged documents and lied to the FISA court to wiretap Carter Page, and that they staged an intelligence briefing with incoming President Donald Trump as a fishing expedition to find things they could twist into using against him.

Now we know, Michael Flynn was a better ambassador than anyone gave him credit for because he said all the right things in his phone calls with the Russian Ambassador.

He did not say any of the things the FBI accused him of saying though, through illegal leaks of classified information to the press. In the end, everyone is hoping that Durham will stumble on some truly incriminating evidence, like a copy of Barack Obama’s real birth certificate or a peek at his secret college transcripts, but that’s probably expecting a little much.

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