Skirmishes Erupt as Liberals and Patriots Clash

Oh, the irony. A liberal activist runs and hides behind the police that they want to defund. The police are bad until a liberal wants one. The activist is a coward.

He needs to attack an older person while fellow cowards in a group take down the statue of Christopher Columbus. One person defending his or her home is ten times stronger than 10 hired soldiers. Conservatives ARE fighting back. The media just isn’t going to report it.

Liberals hate that conservatives make sense

So it’s necessary for liberals to shut us up any way possible. That includes hurting or killing. A younger person will be a coward and pick on an older person, thinking it will be an easy take down.

This will not end when Trump is gone. If liberals aren’t getting their way, it’s time to start hurting, killing and destroying.

Draining the swamp means getting liberals out of power

That’s an uphill battle. More liberals are being created daily in the attempt to take control back from how the United States was founded.

Liberals will keep voting for Democrats for the free stuff Democrats promise. They don’t see or don’t care about the control creep that conservatives and Trump supporters have seen and don’t want.

Liberals want war

We shouldn’t disappoint. It’s good we’re pushing back at least a little. When Americans elected Trump, we were fed up and scared with the direction the United States was going in.

Liberals on the other hand are very happy with getting free stuff and will fight to keep going in that direction til it’s too late. They’ll suddenly find themselves facing homelessness, deadly illness and starvation much like what happened with Venezuela. They don’t know what they’re getting into.

Risking death

When the country was first founded, fathers and sons left everything to fight for a cause they believed in.  Jobs, homes and families were left behind.

Maybe some patriots can do this.  It also means endangering everything left behind.  Beautiful Colonial homes were destroyed.

Wives, helpers and children were violated and murdered in an attempt to destroy those who believed in a different way of life than what the British offered.  Will this need to be done again?


  1. Where are the democrats in denouncing the violence and rioting? Their silence is deafening and by being silent they are saying that they support the violence and rioting. The dems silence tells the thugs that it’s okay to riot, commit arson, loot and now even shoot people. Where are the democrats, kneeling in support of the criminals and spending all their time trying to remove President Trump from office, that’s where.

  2. The democrats want to take over and wield power, that’s what they want, these liberals that vote for ‘free stuff’ don’t seem to get it, they will end up having nothing, just like the people in Venezuela. I blame a lot of it on the schools and universities, the faculties seems to made up of Marxists and far left wing socialists, and they are indoctrinating these young impressionable students. It takes a while for them to grow up and see the real world.

  3. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue; it’s a simple matter of right versus wrong. The Democrats have been wrong consistently for 200 years and they’re determined to keep their streak going.

  4. There is going to be a war in this Country there will be a Lot of Dead People Antifa,Black Lives Matters and a Lot of POS Demorats. The Democrat Party Is a worse Enemy Than THe Muslim Terrorist. There will be a Lot of Good Blacks caught in the crossfire that will be a shame not all Blacks are Garbage

  5. Knowing they’re going to run back into their holes along with soros until it’s safe to come out again. There’s a big reason why guns and ammo has sky rocketed .This is just the beginning for these people and they are going to get their due very soon.

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