Rush Limbaugh Goes Scorched Earth on Democrats ‘Egregious Denials of Reality’

The Wizard of Oz had nothing on today’s Democrats. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”. Portland is being ripped to shreds. New York’s destruction was televised by the same people who deny it happening at all. Democratic mental illness grows by the month. Liberal ideas falling apart can’t be happening if the liberal looks the other way. They do not and cannot understand why their policies cause so much destruction.

Democrats leaders denying reality is why people leave those states

People by and large want to be free to live peacefully, quietly. They want to raise their kids in a place the kids can grow up. The protests have torn down people’s homes, places of business so they can’t go to work and their house is gone.

“There aren’t any peaceful protests,” Limbaugh said, pointing out the media lies. “Of course there are riots, there is property damage, there is endless looting — in Portland, there [has been more than] 55 nights in a row of it.

“There was live rioting and looting in New York that was televised, and the Democrats are even now denying that that was happening.”

Democrats ignoring video evidence

Rush continued. “There’s video of the violence, of the fires … and yet they are in a total state of denial because they have their buddies, the media, who are not airing the video.”

Trey Gowdy challenged Nadler to tell victim’s families that the deadly violence was manufactured. “What I wish Nadler would do,” Gowdy said, “is go find all the homicide victims and their family members in New York, go find the parents of that one-year-old who got killed and tell them that the violence is manufactured. Go find all the homicide victims, Jerry, in your own backyard and tell them that the violence is manufactured.”

Democrats just wanted another opportunity to be seen and heard

Mike Pence told Martha MacCallum that the panel, “wanted to be heard more than they wanted to listen.”

“Bill Barr is leading the Justice Department in this country with great integrity and brings a lifetime commitment to the rule of law,” the vice president said. “But to see it today, in the little bit that I was able to watch, it was clear that the Democrats wanted to hear themselves talk more than they wanted to hear from the attorney general of the United States.”

Jesse Watters of The Five thought Democrats ‘just wanted to cancel Bill Barr.’ “It wasn’t a hearing but a cancellation.”

“They just wanted to cancel Bill Barr,” Watters said. “They were not interested in hearing or listening to anything he had to say because they know he’s armed with facts. He’s calm, cool and collected and they’re just angry. They’re furious. They look unserious, and they look unprofessional.”

  1. Yes, it was pure shutting Barr up so they could lecture him and demand that he say yes or no and promise to do what the democrats want him to do and say and the bully technique of getting Barr to say yes (promise) to what they wanted, control over Barr and make decisions in favor of the democrats instead of enforcing the law. Where have I seen how these democrats in Congress talked and bullied and shut up, in the streets from the little commies hiding under the soros backed BLM. I saw in these democrats just where these people on the streets get their techniques, right from our political democrats in Congress.

  2. In that disgusting display of disrespect toward our AG, The Penquin was the worse when after three hours of testimony and waiting for Penquin who was an hour late to showing up because he got into a car wreck and had to tell us nobody was hurt (Darn) but he wouldn’t let AG Barr take a five minute break for food drink and bathroom call. But before he did that, @ 20:20 in the long version Penquin is seen napping with eyes shut and about a few 10 seconds later you can see he realizes where he’s at and his eyes popped out of his head. What a leper on society and congress.

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