She Throws Hot Coffee in Mans Face, Then a Bloody Brawl Breaks Out

In case you missed this epic throwback, take a look what happens when a mask Karen learned a lesson when she couldn’t just mind her own business.

If others don’t see the need to wear a mask, that’s their choice. It’s not law. Mask police are only going to get hurt. It’s also not uncommon for Trump supporters to be confronted so like police, it’s become smart to wear a body camera, such as this man needed to. At some point, those who feel this is political will just stop caring.

The man just wanted to have something to eat

James Hernandez lives in Manhattan Beach, CA. He didn’t feel a need to wear a mask. “We’re locals here but were on the other side of the fence, we don’t believe in this stuff.”

Another couple were at an outdoor eatery. They felt the need to be mask police and said, “Y’all need to be wearing masks,

Another man might have trying false bravado

Matthew Roy, James’ friend, said, “I hadn’t even gotten to start eating the burrito yet before someone wanted to give me a mask lecture. I guess the guy really wanted to impress his girlfriend because I was pretty dismissive, I thought when I turned my back on them they would just move on, but he wanted to stand there and engage me.”

The woman then got liberal ugly, flipping the man off and throwing coffee at his face. You might be able to get away with that with a police officer. They’re trained to take abuse. The equivalent of your neighbor might not be afraid to tell you to SHUT UP and mind your own business.

The other man got nailed and called police

“She decided to slam her coffee into my head and that’s when I decided to get up and beat up her boyfriend,” Roy said.

“I got a few licks in and I have brothers at home and as soon as the gentleman or the gentler man said stop, I did, I backed off.”

No arrests were made.

“They really wanted to force us to put a mask on, they just thought we were killing their grandma,” Hernandez said.

“Nobody really believes in the masks, but everybody is scared of Ken and Karen and I’m not, I don’t care anymore,” Roy said.

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