Expert Urges Residents to Leave IMMEDIATELY

Toxic exposure expert and consumer advocate Erin Brockovich told Fox News that she “has never seen anything” like the disaster which struck East Palestine, Ohio. That says a lot. She’s been fighting environmental causes for decades. It’s also affecting residents in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Residents don’t believe things are as safe for their return as officials are assuring. Ms. Brockovich understands completely and urges anyone who doesn’t feel safe to leave immediately. At the same time, document everything.

Toxic catastrophe confusion

Along with all the toxic hazards, officials are running around telling everyone that everything is okay when it’s glaringly obvious that nothing is okay.

On Thursday, February 16, Erin Brockovich told Fox viewers, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this in the 30 years that I’ve done this. The lack of information, the lack of transparency, the confusion, not actually seeing any data sets. What are you looking for? What are you not looking for?

Locals in Ohio impacted by this month’s toxic train derailment held a town hall Wednesday night. They wanted to know why our Transportation Minister Pete Buttigieg is missing in action.

Where’s Pete Buttigieg? Where’s he at?” one citizen quizzed Mayor Trent Conaway. The mayor didn’t duck the question. “I don’t know. Your guess is as good as me.” Nobody’s real sure if he ever actually returned from maternity leave.

The mayor also told the crowd that he hasn’t heard a word from Joe Biden’s handlers until Tuesday. That’s when FEMA said they aren’t going to help. They do hurricanes, not toxic chemicals. Let the EPA handle it.

The Environmental Protection Agency is really on the spot this time. That’s because it was the remodeling of their headquarters in October of 1987 which ended up blowing the lid off the relationship between an initial exposure to “toxicants” and an un-treatable and incurable chronic health condition known as TILT (Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance) or MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.) Burn pits are another big source of toxicant exposure. Just ask Joe Biden. He lost his favorite son to those.

Answers they aren’t getting

Erin Brockovich admits this massive and toxic disaster is a new one for everybody. Even so, the response is chaotic. “I have never seen anything like this in my entire career where there is no information. Almost a shutdown. And it is frustrating.

It’s wrong. And I really am concerned about that community and the answers they’re not getting.” She wants to tell those affected the truth. “If we don’t give it to them, they’re never going to be able to protect their health and welfare.

For starters, the EPA, Brockovich insists, should “produce and put up test results, so the public knows exactly which chemicals are in the air and water.” Nobody even knows what toxic substances have been tested for, much less how they did it and where it was done.

We have yet to see that. So, again, this continues to be an unfolding story full of nothing but contradictions. And I think that’s horrible to do that to these people who don’t know the outcome of their health and safety.

Senators Marco Rubio and J.D. Vance want to know why all the infrastructure money they handed Pete Buttigieg didn’t get the tracks maintained. There’s a solid report that a faulty sensor failed to detect the overheated axle which caused the derailment.

Another thing the senators want to know about is why the railroad didn’t list hazardous chemicals on the manifests as they were supposed to. Town officials had no advance notice that the toxic vinyl chloride was being routed through their jurisdiction. That means fire crews weren’t prepared for what happened when they could have been.

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