Lib Media Begins Burning Biden [REPORT]

The mainstream media won’t be actively turning against President Biden any time soon, but with one year of his term finished it is clear that the honeymoon phase is very much over for all but the most devoted Biden worshippers. With the anniversary of the inauguration and the president’s disastrous performance in an extremely rare press conference, the liberal media is suddenly finding much to criticize this administration for.

Media finally criticizing Biden

The diehards in the media are still willing to parrot Biden’s outlandish claims about how successful his presidency has been thus far.

Like the president, their chief rallying cry is job growth over the course of the last year and an accompanying rise in wages for many people.

Unfortunately for the White House, other liberal media figures have begun to point out that neither of these things can really be claimed as an achievement by the Biden administration.

Jobs are only returning after a massive spike in unemployment that arrived with the pandemic as businesses were forced to shut down or drastically cut back on their operations.

The jobs that are coming back now are, in many cases, not the kind of high-paying and steady jobs people lost in 2020. “Record job growth” means almost nothing without context.

Wages are indeed rising across the country, but not at a rate to match inflation, which has soared under Biden and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Supporters cope with disastrous performance

Supporters of Biden in the media think that his unpopularity is based more on what people are experiencing as a result of these issues than on evaluations of his policy, meaning that current polls say nothing about how people will vote in 2022 and 2024.

Even assuming that this is completely true, if people are currently blaming Biden for their economic woes then they will continue to blame him when it is time to vote.

If even mainstream journalists are becoming disillusioned with Biden’s performance then the situation for the president is bad. The disastrous press conference made it impossible for the media to shield him from real criticism entirely.

The pandemic is still going two years after it arrived, the economy is being reconstructed with Papier-mâché and duct tape, social divisions are as high as ever, and Biden has inadvertently admitted that his foreign policy is practically nonexistent.

As a president who took office being lauded by the media as the ultimate return to normalcy and competence in the White House, the president only needed to be boring and inoffensive to keep the media on his side.

The media can only cover for the president so much. Despite their best efforts, Biden is still known as an unpopular and incompetent leader. How much worse will it get for the president if even liberals continue to turn against him?

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