Epstein’s Den Mother Demands Contract Back Pay

Infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had properties all around the planet, and his intimate associate Ghislaine Maxwell was in charge of managing them. Off the record, she was den mother to all the teenage sex-slaves. She has a contract. Epstein, made “a clear and unambiguous promise” that he would “indemnify Maxwell.” She wants a check and she wants it now, because she “receives regular threats to her life and safety.” Every dime she gets is taken from the victims. Estate Lawyers are frantic, especially Darren Indyke.

Mom to the deep state’s den of iniquity

Ghislaine Maxwell brazenly denies knowing anything about any underage girls, but the victims tell a totally different story. “We view her actions as unconscionable,” asserts Sigrid McCawley, an attorney for the victims, “but this is an individual who lost sight of right from wrong a very long time ago.”

It’s “absolutely appalling that Ghislaine Maxwell, who committed crimes with Epstein against these victims, is seeking to drain funds” that should go to the girls. The abused victims say she was as fond of young girls as any of the world’s top political perverts. They were pimped out to a lot of big names. Maxwell allegedly recruited and “trained” many of the abused.

Since this outrageous saga started playing out in the press, most people considered Maxwell to be under Epstein’s command as his “madam.” As the tale unfolds, things could be flipped around. Maxwell may have been the ringleader, pulling Epstein around by parts of his anatomy.

She had a contract

According to her lawyers, “While under Epstein’s employ, Maxwell was responsible for managing Epstein’s properties located in New York, Paris, Florida, New Mexico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.” Epstein promised he would support her financially “repeatedly, both in writing and in conversation.” While he was alive, he paid her “legal bills in lawsuits involving accusers Sarah Ransome and Virginia Roberts.” Ms. Roberts calls Maxwell, “diabolically evil.”

“Epstein made a clear and unambiguous promise to Maxwell that he would indemnify Maxwell and advance any expense incurred by reason of her prior employment relationship with him and his affiliated businesses,” the claim states. The checks came from Darren Indyke, now a co-executor of the estate.

Indyke also wrote the checks for her $5 million property just a few blocks from New York City’s Central Park. It sold in 2016 for around $15 million. According to Maxwell’s claim, Indyke “assured her she would be reimbursed.” Their employment relationship “formed a legal and special relationship” that obligated the estate to indemnify her, and that one of its executors “made assurances” it would do so.

According to “people who knew them both,” she was Epstein’s “obsessive gatekeeper and protector.” His victims allege, “she was also his procurer of a seemingly endless source of underage girls who would be paid to massage him but then suffered sexual abuse.”

Was Ghislaine groomed for the part?

Her family has a shady past with lots of spooky deep state shadows. For instance, her rich and “flamboyant” daddy preferred to be surrounded by female staffers. He was also considered by the British Foreign Office to be “a secret agent of a foreign government, possibly a double agent or a triple agent, and a thoroughly bad character and almost certainly financed by Russia.”

He introduced Ghislaine to Epstein shortly before he fell off his yacht, the “Lady Ghislaine,” naked and drunk, sometime after 4:30 in the morning. It was not, everyone insists, either murder or suicide,” but three doctors can’t agree on exactly what killed him, drowning or heart attack. Both were pretty much happening at the same time.

Maxwell began dating Epstein “in London or soon after her move to New York in the early 1990s.” Back then, “Epstein worked as a financial bounty hunter helping investors sniff out embezzlement.” That’s when “he had befriended her famous father, British publishing giant Robert Maxwell, who mysteriously died in November 1991 after disappearing from his 180-foot yacht.” Since his death, Ghislaine gets “$160,000 a year from a Liechtenstein trust.”

Maxwell is described as “a woman of multiple interests and talents.” She also “reportedly is or was licensed to fly helicopters and pilot submarines.” It was Maxwell who introduced her old university friend Prince Andrew to Epstein.

Maxwell needs money to pay her security bill

Maxwell has been in hiding for months but her lawyers showed up in the Virgin Islands to slip a last minute claim into the filing box seeking “an unspecified amount of money.” Epstein owes her for the legal bills she racked up responding to the criminal charges. She also wants money for her security guards and “costs to find safe accommodation.”

“Maxwell receives regular threats to her life and safety, which have required her to hire personal security services and find safe accommodation,” lawyers for the law firm Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer write. “These expenses will be ongoing given the extensive global coverage and interest in these events and proceedings.”

Everything was being paid then it stopped. Darren Indyke promised to get it flowing again but didn’t cut the checks. Probably because all the assets were frozen by the Attorney General. Virgin Islands AG Denise George “labeled Epstein’s businesses a criminal enterprise.” She calls Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn “co-conspirators” but Maxwell has not yet been named. She is currently under FBI investigation though.

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