Activist for BLM Charged With Disgusting Acts

Your cause would benefit exponentially if you practice what you preach. Like Ghandi it can be done quietly. Many BLM supporters have gotten away with destruction and murder so it’s nice to see one with a little justice leveled at it. The punishment might just be a slap on the wrist but that he’s charged at all is noteworthy. Everything considered though it makes one wonder if he stepped on somebody’s toes.

BLM support for many is a ticket to do whatever

Because of their destruction. Benjamin Mendy though, has come under the guillotine. The person professing to stand for the oppressed is actually doing the oppressing.

The prominent French born soccer player is being charged with four counts of rape and one of sexual assault. One of the ladies is a minor. Rapists need control. Don’t become a father, Mr. Mendy.

The BLM supporter possibly lawyered up

And was told to just be a brick wall. He showed no emotion at a hearing at the Cheshire Magistrates Court. He’ll be at the Chester Crown Court September 10.

Mendy has been suspended. Manchester City issued the statement:

Manchester City can confirm that following his being charged by police today, Benjamin Mendy has been suspended pending an investigation.

The matter is subject to a legal process and the Club is therefore unable to make further comment until that process is complete.

BLM supporters may be slowly tracked down

Maybe this is the beginning of the end. The wheels of justice do turn, it’s just a slow turn. Mr. Mendy and other BLM supporters may not be protected forever. His six year contract is due to expire next year. He was being paid the equivalent of $38 million in US dollars.

The English actor Laurence Fox slammed Mendy and others on social media several times and was naturally attacked for it. He actually had to clarify it wasn’t based on race because Mendy is black.

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