MSNBC is Shocked to Find That They Created This Mess

Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC is convinced that she is watching the death of democracy in America. An article by the reporter describes the great agony she feels at remembering that she was a Republican for years. As the kind of Republican who found John McCain to be too extreme for her tastes, Ms. Wallace deserves to be consoled with a reminder that one doesn’t have to worry about that ex-Republican guilt if  they were never a Republican in the first place.

Fertile imaginations at MSNBC

Were it still possible to be shocked by this kind of thing in 2021 it would be would be incredible that a mouthpiece for MSNBC can still talk about fighting against propaganda and apparently believe that she is actually doing it.

Nicolle Wallace and her ilk employ an arsenal of mind rotting propaganda the likes of which the world has never seen to neuter any opposition to the most powerful people in the world.

In her stunningly delusional article Wallace claims that her fellow Democrats are resisting an all-consuming tidal wave of Republican power which will sweep the left out of Washington if left unchecked.

This would be a fantastic sight if it were even remotely possible. Unfortunately the scenario exists entirely in the fertile imaginations of Nicolle Wallace and her colleagues at MSNBC.

At least Don Quixote’s windmill was a physical reality; Wallace is proudly declaring her impassioned resistance to her own outlandish dreams.

Democrats control Congress and the White House. Their close allies control an overwhelming majority of American media, schools, federal agencies, and the most powerful corporations. Why do they express such terror at the specter of a few states working to eliminate voter fraud?

Playing resistance is too addictive to give up

Sheer inertia will never American liberalism to ever take a break and rest on its laurels. There are entire industries built for the sole purpose of giving liberals something to be angry about.

MSNBC is one of those institutions which exist to put this liberal grievance machine to good use. Nicolle Wallace might truly, with all her heart, believe that she is “the resistance.”

President Trump may have been forced out of office, but the fight must go on. It isn’t just about keeping the base energized for 2022, it’s about Wallace and the millions like her who have made hatred for Trump and his supporters the center of their lives.

It is Trump supporters who are being killed and torn from their families by federal agents for the most minor of infractions while liberals cheer. If your side has unaccountable jackbooted agencies on hand to arrest the opposition you might not be the “resistance.”

Nicolle Wallace talks about “solutions in search of problems.” It is convenient that she’s unknowingly summed up her own  existence so nicely.

MSNBC policy now seems to involve writing desperate, delusional pieces about rights and freedoms supposedly being torn away while simultaneously offering wholehearted support to those working to deprive their enemies of their rights.

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