They’re DEMANDING Answers…and an Investigation

Lawyers for laptop repairman John Paul Mac Isaac wrote a letter to Gestapo General Merrick Garland, demanding an investigation into Hunter Biden and the Biden legal team. When the Biden defense team claimed publicly that the device had been stolen, they were committing slander and libel. That’s against the law and grounds for yet another criminal investigation.

Laptop was abandoned

The crucial thing that the Biden lawyers have left out of their defense strategy is the key fact that the laptop wasn’t stolen. It was abandoned. Mac Isaac had a standard contract which Hunter Biden signed. It said that if the machine wasn’t claimed, it became property of the shop. After that, the repairman could do with it as he pleased.

He didn’t go running to the tabloids, he went to the FBI. That turned out to be a huge mistake. “While I respect your office’s ability to differentiate between a political ploy and a real legal request, I am compelled to write because my clients have become the victim of these unethical political games masked as a legal request,” the repairman’s counsel wrote.

On Monday, February 6, Mac Isaac’s lawyers allege in letters sent to Merrick Garland and his Delaware AG Kathy Jennings, that “Hunter attorney Abbe Lowell potentially violated federal and state laws.

He did that by “knowingly using false information to report an alleged crime and allowing that information to be disseminated to the media.” Lowell flat out lied when “he alleged that Mac Isaac had ‘unlawfully accessed‘ and disseminated the contents of Hunter’s laptop.

Brian Della Rocca, representing Mac Isaac, “took particular issue with Lowell’s claim that the shop owner unlawfully accessed and copied Hunter Biden’s laptop data without his consent.” The truth is that “John Paul received Hunter Biden’s consent to access” the device on April 12, 2019.

The contract was all in writing. “Pursuant to the work order, signed by Hunter, when he failed to retrieve his laptop and the hard drive to which the data was recovered more than 90 days later, it became abandoned property so John Paul could dispose of it as he saw fit.

Best disposal turn them in

John Paul, his lawyer argues, “determined the best disposal of the laptop and hard drive would be to turn them over to the authorities.” They didn’t want it and Mac Isaac became public enemy number one. Della Rocca “also denied Lowell’s claim that Mac Isaac unlawfully shared the laptop with allies of former President Donald Trump and profited from doing so.

He never gave anything to the media and didn’t make a dime. What he did do ruined his career and forced him into hiding. “I am already feeling the fallout from Hunter Biden’s letter,” Mac Isaac relates. “Once again, with the mainstream media’s help, half the country wants to see me imprisoned.

John Paul did share the original laptop and external hard drive with the FBI in December 2019. Thereafter, while watching the impeachment hearings against President Trump in 2020, John Paul was concerned that there was no mention of the information on the laptop. It seemed as if no one even knew about the laptop.

That’s because the FBI buried it deep. “At that point, John Paul decided that he would try to get the information to Congress. When his efforts failed, he went to President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

The defense is also trying to smear Mac Isaac, claiming that his limited vision challenges make identification of Hunter Biden impossible. “The fact that John Paul is legally blind did not render him unable to identify with whom he was working,” the attorney writes.

While it may have created a difficulty identifying Hunter Biden in the beginning, to argue that his visual disability prevented him from using his other senses and his intelligence to identify his customer shows a level of ignorance and discrimination towards people living with difficulties.

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