Graphic Video Shows Border Patrol Attacked by Migrants

Agents of the United States Border Patrol battled it out with a group of violent Venezuelans near El Paso, Texas on Monday. The Latinos were in a snit after being denied entry when Joe Biden had promised that none could be turned away. “That was last week,” CBP agents informed. That’s when they were attacked with a Venezuelan flag pole.

Border battle near El Paso

Customs and Border Patrol agents were forced to blast a group of Venezuelan migrants with pepper balls in self-defense.

The disgruntled refugees started it by attempting to spear an agent with their flag. After walking all the way from South America they weren’t about to turn around and go back.

Until recently, Venezuelan immigrants were virtually guaranteed acceptance into the U.S. interior. That changed suddenly, when the border states of Texas and Arizona started busing them to Washington, D.C. and New York City.

When the latest group of Venezuelan interlopers tried to wade across the Rio Grande around 12:20 p.m. on October 31. They thought the flag would give them free passage.

According to a Border Patrol spokesperson, “One of the protesters assaulted an agent with a flag pole, at which time agents responded by initiating crowd control measures.

Specifically, “these measures included the use of the authorized less-lethal force pepperball launching system.

New policy in force

Fox News points out that the “altercation comes after the Biden administration announced a new policy earlier this month.” As soon as a plane load of Venezuelans touched down in Martha’s Vineyard, word went out that they aren’t entitled to protected sanctuary status any longer.

Instead, they’re to be immediately “returned to Mexico if they are caught entering the U.S. illegally.” The Border Patrol is also emphasizing that while one reporter tweeted out they fired “rubber bullets,” that was a mistake. They were definitely pepperballs.

The Palace Propaganda Ministry was quick to point out that yes, as part of the deal with Mexico, a new “parole program” sets up a sort of lottery where up to 24,000 Venezuelans get to enter the U.S. but they will do it by air.


They get to bypass the border experience completely but before they get on the plane they “must have a financial supporter in the U.S., pass biometric screening, and complete public health requirements.” It matches the deal we made for Ukrainian refugees.

Because Biden had been giving Venezuelans special privileges, there were more than 25,000 encounters with them along the border in August alone. That number dropped sharply after the policy shift but not all of them heard the news.

The number of Venezuelans arriving at the southern border decreased sharply nearly every day since we launched additional joint actions with Mexico to reduce irregular migration and create a more fair, orderly and safe process for people fleeing the humanitarian and economic crisis in their country,” CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus confirms.

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