Democrat Adam Schiff continues to endorse the violence and illegalities of Antifa while pretending that there is a major terror threat from Trump supporters. Schiff has been a consistent enemy of President Trump and his supporters, continually attempting to harass conservatives through his leading role in the investigation into supposed “Russian collusion” in the 2016 presidential election. Now he is again attempting to spark a witch hunt over an imaginary threat.

Democrats condemn imaginary threat

Domestic terror from “white nationalists” is nonexistent in America, though this has done nothing to stop Democrats like Adam Schiff and their allies.

Schiff stated in a recent MSNBC interview that he is concerned that “white nationalist domestic terror” is downplayed while Antifa is presented as a violent threat.

In fact, Schiff contributes to the exact opposite narrative, a narrative which allows him and his colleagues to pretend that the radicals who burn cities and physically assault conservatives are the real imaginary threat.

Schiff whined in the interview about Republicans in Congress having reservations about ordering the FBI and DHS to target American citizens as part of the Democrat campaign against white nationalist terror.

Why is it, Schiff asked, that Republicans are so willing to promote action against Islamist terrorism and yet so unwilling to fight against the domestic white nationalist terror threat?

The answer, of course, is that the former threat to national security actually exists while the latter, verifiably, does not.Democrats

Ignore the real terrorism

Democrats and their allies from the ADL to the FBI are extremely determined to convince the country that white conservatives are the greatest terror threat they face.

There is no evidence for any of these outlandish claims and there never has been. Meanwhile the radical leftist groups they support are allowed to blatantly break the law and engage in terrorist activities.

Schiff and friends are firmly on the side of Antifa and their affiliated groups, who very openly admit that they make violence and destruction for political ends their standard operating procedure.

These communist and anarchist groups generally pursue the same goals as the Congressional Democrats and federal agencies which enable them, so it is unlikely that they will ever be declared a terrorist group, as President Trump proposed several times.

For normal American conservatives the message being sent by Schiff is that the federal government will be working hand in hand with Antifa to attack anyone not sufficiently devoted to the leftist agenda from both sides.

Democrats will undoubtedly continue to invent imaginary threats to attack conservatives with any available means while expecting the rest of the country to never question the narrative.

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