Covid Liars Exit Stage Left, War Liars Enter Stage Right

Indeed. The truth is lost among the cacophony. People screamed about “the next Hitler” til the terrible killer COVID showed up. We must always be scared of something If we aren’t, we’re called names, including selfish. If you can’t afford something, the price of food or gas is too high, it’s because of that country that nobody even knew much about. We’ve believed the lies so far. We don’t have to.

COVID liars for two years

The COVID liars are fading out. People started doing their research and finding the virus has over a 99% survival rate.

People were pressured to the point of losing their jobs and worse if they didn’t take a vaccine that doesn’t work the same way our childhood vaccines do. If we didn’t, we were called names.

COVID then war

The war liars have been woken from their lock downs and driven to their keyboards again. Tyranny lives on fear. We need to always be scared of something.

We have a different set of liars now entering the stage since people are less likely to believe the COVID lies. The authoritarian apparatus couldn’t operate without people believing the propaganda.

Power loved COVID

If we’re always in crisis then government is allowed to gain power. Corporate sponsors also benefit. This equals less freedom for the general public.

Today we’re faced with another fear, that of what is happening across the world. There’s a border dispute over there and if we don’t care about it, we’re called names again. Does it even have anything to do with us? Doesn’t matter. We need to support it or we’re traitors.

COVID messed with finances

War does that too. If gas and food is too high, it needs to be blamed on that other country. The endless lies will continue as long as we continue to believe them. People need to turn off their TV.

When people became fed up with COVID mandates and passports, that Berlin wall came crashing down. The damage though is going to take years to get over. The war drumbeats have started back up, regardless of how many have failed. It’s ok to bankrupt us to police another nation. This is provided we believe them.

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