DIRECT HIT…Russian Ship Struck Down

On Friday morning, a Ropucha-class landing ship (LST) called the Olenegorski Gornjak from the Russian Black Sea Fleet was reportedly struck by an unmanned surface vehicle (USV) drone.

Photos taken of the vessel appear to show it listing heavily.

In addition, a YouTube video surfaced that appears to show the USV drone heading towards the LST and detonating.

Further, Twitter user Clash Report posted videos and images demonstrating different angles of the ship as well as what seems to be an initial explosion.

The incident has caused many to question whether or not this could lead to heightened tension between Russia and America in terms of their diplomatic relations.

There is speculation that this event may be seen as a direct attack on Russia’s military capabilities, which could potentially set off a chain reaction of events that result in further hostility between both countries’ militaries.

This would be especially concerning considering current tensions over Ukraine and other matters relating to Eastern European geopolitics.

It is uncertain at this time how this incident will affect overall relations between both nations but it is clear that it has already raised eyebrows among global leaders and security experts alike.

Russia has yet to offer any official response regarding the reported incident.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Moscow may be taking legal action against those responsible for deploying said drone as well as those involved in producing or operating it.

As of now though, no official statement has been released from either side about potential consequences or ramifications due to this event.

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