Another Round of Highly Educated People Get Sh*t Canned for Refusing the Jab

There’s more than one adjective that can describe the politics of the jab. Scary is one word. Continent wide, the hospitals are all about COVID because of the money they’re paid for that diagnosis. Would fired medical professionals be able to start their own practice for those who need attention for something other than COVID? Will hospitals treat somebody that has an ailment other than COVID?

The almighty jab

While the majority of personnel at the Windsor Regional Hospital were vaccinated, 98.5, letting more medical professionals go only adds to nationwide employee shortage. It didn’t need any help. As of Thursday, 63 people were terminated from their positions or were in that process.

The hospital’s vaccine requirement was in place early September. Employees needed at least their first dose by September 22. Those who refuse do not get paid and are put on leave. If the first dose isn’t even attempted by October 6 at midnight the employee is terminated.

The jab for the money

David Musyj, the hospital president and CEO, crowed from the rooftops, “I cannot be prouder of the Windsor Regional Hospital team in moving forward and taking a lead and showing how important it is in healthcare and hospital … to get vaccinated.”

Has anybody else noticed the elephant in the room? CUPE Local 1132 represents at this hospital and Hôtel-Dieu Grace. Their local union is silent. Unions are supposed to fight for the employees, right? How many are doing that? Are unions being threatened or paid to be quiet?

Most staff are getting the jab

Hotel-Dieu Grace also has a high percentage, 98%, of vaccinated employees and staff. Of the 24 people that haven’t gotten the jab, 19 are patient facing or clinical. Five had exemptions. Less than five people had “time limited” exemptions at Windsor Regional. If you were granted an exemption, you aren’t working.

Erie Shores Healthcare is doing well with the jab as well. Their vaccination rate is 98% with 10 people on unpaid leave. Dr. Jessica Summerfield is the president of the Essex County Medical Society. She’s comfortable with their numbers, “I’m overwhelmingly in support of having policies in place and I feel very safe … that all of the staff I work with are vaccinated.”

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