Another Fake Poll for a Fake President

According to a poll from the Associated Press, 71% of Americans support President Biden’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The poll also claims that 63% of Americans support Biden’s performance as President overall. These numbers, which allegedly include Republicans, are very worthy of skepticism given the record which polling organizations have accumulated in recent years, particularly in relation to Presidential candidates.

Poll claims overwhelming approval for Biden

It is no secret that polls for years now have tended to be extremely skewed in favor of Democrat candidates and politicians by friendly media.

Either through poor selection methods or conscious biases, polling agencies tend to massively under represent conservatives and their views.

The 2016 election of President Trump was a major shock to the media, which was suddenly confronted by the consequences of their tendency to inflate polls in favor of their desired results.

For all of the talk about the necessity of changing methods of polling after 2016, little has really happened regarding these concerns among liberal polling agencies.

Now there is again little incentive to change these methods, as numbers which indicate high support for the Biden Administration will be beneficial even if they are untrue.

While many Americans have certainly stopped paying much attention to polls from liberal organizations, there will always be people who are impressed by the kind of numbers which the Associated Press is reporting.

An optimistic country?

The poll claims that a majority of Americans believe that the nation is “on the right track.” This is perhaps the most unbelievable portion of these results.

America is, at the moment, anything but an optimistic country. Cynicism about the future is one of the few things which both the left and the right can agree on in 2021.

Certainly the problems which contributed to this sense of pessimism have not seen any improvement under the Biden Administration thus far, nor is there any indication that any improvements are coming.

Americans of both parties who were unhappy with the direction of the country in 2020 have no reason at all to be suddenly optimistic about the state of America in 2021.

The United States under the Biden Administration is as bitterly divided and unhappy as it has ever been. Polls may claim otherwise but common sense should show that this country is not optimistic.

The Associated Press poll is, like most polls, a piece of partisan propaganda. The hope of American liberals seems to be that if they can tell America that they approve of the Biden Administration and the direction of the country, someone might eventually start to believe it.

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