Democrats FORCED to Admit All Their Sly Covid Pork Vocally on the Senate Floor

The delay is probably as simple as just showing the public what’s in the bill, but there’s no guarantee the camera would stay rolling. The vast majority of the COVID bill actually doesn’t go to people who need it. It was just named a COVID bill, regardless of what’s in it. If you don’t vote for it, you’re branded as somebody who doesn’t care. A more appropriate name might be the Bail Out Bill.

COVID in name only

According to one article, Pelosi did indeed get that $15 minimum wage in. You wonder who got threatened or a kickback if it’s true.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), a strong conservative, is forcing Senate clerks to read the $1.9 trillion COVID bill out loud. Democrats were grouching about having to sit and listen. Anybody can insist on the bill being read but it’s rarely done.

A delay is about all that can be done

The process was deliberately chosen so Republicans had no say. Republican Whip John Thune of SD mentioned, “I’m told it’s going to be more like 10 [hours]. It’s going to occur at the beginning so it would be before the clocks starts so it doesn’t go against the 20 hours, it’s on top of the 20,”

There’s a reason Trump had originally turned away many previous COVID relief bills. Democrats will put as much garbage in it as they can. Queen Pelosi had to get rid of Trump. She needed to have those Democrat run states bailed out after the chaos and destruction of ANTIFA and BLM.

Best COVID relief is just to open up

But Democrats can’t open up.  COVID gives them reasons to rape the country, putting taxpayer dollars into pet projects and their buddies. It’s good though, to see some liberal experts not happy with this, even if it’s said privately.

Mitch McConnell noted, “Their bill costs about $2 trillion. That’s roughly the same size as the entire CARES Act that saved our health system and economy through months of shutdowns. Even liberal experts admit this is far out of proportion to what’s needed now, with vaccines going into arms and the economy already primed to roar back. Amazingly, Democrats managed to allocate less than 9 percent of their massive bill to the entire health care response, and less than 1 percent to the vaccinations that will finish this fight.”

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