Secretary of State Encouraged 31,000 Foreigners to Register

In the fall of 2022, the Colorado Secretary of State sent 31,000 postcards out to foreigners encouraging them to become voters. The Electronic Registration Information Center or ERIC played a part in this, they have access to drivers licensed in the state. ERIC can obtain DMV information to find voters that are eligible but not registered. The agreement CO and ERIC have forces them to solicit to register.

Foreigners are in trouble

They aren’t allowed to register. Jena Griswold, an activist Democrat, is the Secretary of State. She knows if the foreigners register it’s against the law.

A legal firm found out about this and started researching. The Public Interest Legal Foundation found out that people really need to cancel their ERIC agreements. Once the CO Secretary of State office admitted this was done it was called a “data analytic error”. This office isn’t transparent and won’t explain this “error”.

Foreigners on the voter roll

Previously the SOS has had procedures in place to keep tabs on this but now that procedure is either gone or it failed. The only explanation provided was that list of 31,000 foreigners was created by comparing statewide CO voter rolls with a master list of CO drivers.

That’s what ERIC does. ERIC doesn’t let states see who is a foreigner. Their rules state that “Under no circumstances shall the members transmit any record indicating an individual is a non-citizen of the U.S.”

Foreigners shouldn’t be on there

County officials were slammed with requests from both the media and concerned citizens but the only response they were getting was more about damage control than answers. County election officials asked the SOS office about these. The SOS office actually refused the names of the foreigners who received invitations, thereby likely aiding new the voters.

Moffat County also asked to see the information but it was refused, citing “potential legal issues”. PILF found no communications regarding that though. Deputy SOS Christopher Beall was the one who refused. Research on Mr. Beall turns up that he’s worked as the attorney for Obama for America, the CO Democrat Party, and the ACLU. His LinkedIn page says he is “formerly a journalist, then a trial lawyer, still a law professor, and now a leader of Colorado’s preeminent elections operations.”

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