Democrats at Each Others Throats as They Begin to Lose Footholds Across the U.S.

One the biggest reasons Democrats thought they had a foothold is through the cheating done to put Biden in the White House. Americans saw the cheating done clear down through much smaller, local elections. School boards were affected because as Lenin said, “teach the youth”. Texas has historically been red. Trump flipped California. Nobody thought that could happen. Democrats, Americans are smarter than you might think.

Democrats can fool some people

But not all. Several areas in Texas stayed or went back to red the first weekend of June 2021. A border town, McAllen, elected a Republican, the first time in 24 years.

It’s not just that Republicans won but the people that voted that’s important to note. Being a town on the border, McAllen is understandably Hispanic to the tune of 85% with about 140,000 residents.

Democrats maybe arguing over strategy

Javier Villalobos campaigned as a conservative in an extremely Democratic area. He spoke of compassion for the illegals, but at the same time we need to take care of current citizens first. That makes sense. Biden’s open borders in some cases has created a dangerous and deadly situation.

The smattering of infighting and snapping between AOC and Harris as well as the media meltdown over Manchin disagreeing with HR 1 shows some independent thought. Manchin is from a red state.

Another Democrat loss

The National Review disclosed that “Voters also elected Republican Jim Ross as mayor of Arlington, a suburb of 400,000 people that borders Fort Worth and is only 39 percent Anglo. Ross, a former Arlington police officer, was endorsed by several police associations who liked his anti-crime platform. He defeated Michael Glaspie, a former city-council member who was endorsed by the Dallas Morning News and leading Democratic politicians.”

Filemon Vela, the Vice Chair of the DNC was amazed at the enormous change. “Democrats have a big problem in Texas. For the first time in generations, or maybe ever, we lost … South Texas counties with significant Hispanic populations. And we are going to have to … wrap our arms around exactly why that happened. It may be a difficult issue to reconcile.”

Democrats don’t understand conservatism

Except to know it often doesn’t include them. Governor Greg Abbott understands what’s going on. “Republicans and Hispanics in Texas share common values. More Hispanics are voting Republican and getting elected as Republicans. They want to help keep Texas Red.”

Texans see Biden’s policies in their back yards with the border problem. Democrats on either coast continue to push further left and Biden just goes along with them.

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