Kid Rock FLAWLESSLY Trolls Liberals With This Announcement

Kid Rock FLAWLESSLY Trolls Liberals With This Announcement

After the far-left began calling for the “deprogramming” of Trump supporters, singer and rapper Kid Rock has clapped back.

Kid Rock’s Hilarious Tweet

“Just to be clear and follow up…” Kid Rock began his tweet.

“THESE FAR LEFT SOCIALIST LIBERALS AND MEDIA CAN DE-PROGRAM DEEZ NUTZ!! Everyone else, have a great weekend!-Kid Rock,” he added.

The tweet included a meme of Kid Rock running, with a message that read, “Headed to deprogramming to woop some ass.”

Calls to Deprogram Trump Supporters

Kid Rock’s comment comes after people like David Atkins, California Democrats regional director and Democratic National Convention member, suggested that Trump supporters needed to be “deprogrammed” using World War II reconstruction tactics.

“No seriously…how *do* you deprogram 75 million people? Where do you start? Fox? Facebook? We have to start thinking in terms of post-WWII Germany or Japan. Or the failures of Reconstruction in the South,” Atkins tweeted.

Eugene Robinson, MSNBC analyst and columnist for the left-wing Washington Post, agreed that Trump supporters “need to be deprogrammed.”

“We have, there are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed? It’s as if they are members of a cult, the Trump-ist cult, and have to be deprogrammed. Do you have any idea how we start that process, much less complete it?” Robinson asked.

Kid Rock has supported President Trump since the beginning, becoming one of the few Hollywood celebrities that is not afraid to speak out against far left radicals and their attacks on free speech, American values, and conservatives.

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