Biden Rule Would FORCE Medical Procedures On Patients

A newly revised Biden rule would serve the interest of transgender surgeries and abortions and fattening somebody’s wallet instead of good medical judgment. The non profit Becket Fund for Religious Liberty spotted this and is facing the administration in the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Becket represents a Catholic healthcare network and nearly 19,000 medical professionals that are fighting this.

Biden and the transgender mandate

If a doctor is receiving federal funds they could be compelled to do other procedures other than what the patient needs. Luke Goodrich is vice president and senior counsel for the organization.

Goodrich remarked, “A hospital that would perform a hysterectomy for a woman with uterine cancer would also have to perform a hysterectomy for a woman who wants to transition to living as a man. If not, [it would be] guilty of sex discrimination and subject to multi-million-dollar penalties.”

Biden bends the rule

Women who miscarry have a procedure done called a D & C or dilation and curettage. This could be bent into doing the procedure on a live baby which crosses the line into an abortion. Not doing a D & C could result in heavy fines and charges of discrimination.

Religious exemptions is at the discretion of the administration. The rule might say this but there’s no guarantee it will be upheld.

Biden mandate blocked

This has been blocked before a number of times. Even if the court rejects it, the administration will still go forward with the revised rule.

Fear of massive penalties could cow people into doing things that aren’t in the best interest of the patient. A legal expert pointed out, “It seems like HHS is willing to treat these court losses in the injunctions as the price to pay for trying to change the norms in the medical profession. What they’re really trying to do is change the norms in the medical profession to include gender transition and abortion.”

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a press release, “Health and Human Services (HHS) issued proposed revisions to its regulations implementing Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, which would force health care workers to perform gender transition procedures, require health insurance issuers to cover them, and entertain a mandate to perform elective abortions.”

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