Presidential Campaign OVER… They’re Shutting It Down

It would appear that the campaign of Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) is about to come to an end.

His biggest Super PAC, the Trust In the Mission PAC, also known as “TIM PAC,” has just pulled a massive ad spend on the early voting states.

While I would not expect Scott to end his campaign until after the next debate, the writing is on the wall here.

Call It Quits

Scott never really got any grip during this campaign and nationally, his polling numbers have dropped to about one percent.

However, he is still polling okay in the early-voting states in terms of qualifying for the next debate, so just to continue to build his profile, I would expect him to hang around a bit longer.

This could also help him in attaching himself to another campaign.

Scott was asked about the PAC pulling the ads, and he responded, “We’ll continue to do what we have been doing and spend more time on the ground.”

If I were Donald Trump, I would be moving on this right now.

I would make a deal with Scott to hang in until the third debate was over, then add him to his ticket as his VP.

Trump’s numbers in minority communities skyrocket if he has a black vice president on the ticket, and he and Scott have always had a decent relationship, so this just makes sense.

Even if DeSantis and Haley join forces, I just don’t see how Trump could lose if he adds Scott to his team.

The downside for Scott is that with all the allegations thrown at Trump since 2016, he would surely be considered Trump’s lap dog by the media and Democrats, and I am just not sure he wants that label hung on him.

Source: Fox News

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