Kamala Harris’ Big Lie Was EXPOSED

Kamala Harris was out there talking about legalizing weed again.

She was piling it on after Joe Biden’s executive order to release thousands from prison that were convicted on basis possession charges.

There is a good chance that Kamala Harris put a few hundred of those people in jail.

You Put Them There

When Kamala Harris was California’s attorney general, she loved prosecuting marijuana cases.

In all, Harris put away 1,974 people for marijuana and hashish convictions.

Her stance on this ended in 2018 when she announced that she would run for president.

Suddenly, she flipped, writing in her book, “Something else it’s past time we get done is dismantling the failed war on drugs — starting with legalizing marijuana.”

She pushed that narrative again this weekend in Austin, TX…

Here is another interview by Harris where she even says she smoked in college…

It is and always has been about getting elected… this woman is corrupt and cannot be trusted.

Source: Breitbart

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