Trump Scores HUGE Win… This is Big!

It turns out that Donald Trump has a secret weapon.

That being his legal problems.

When I am wrong, I admit, and boy did I get this one wrong.

They Just Don’t Care

I really thought Trump’s legal problems would eventually take a toll on his campaign.

I was almost positive that once an indictment came down, it would scare voters away.

According to polling, it has had the complete opposite effect.

Trump has had a monumental bump in the polls, both in a big field and head-to-head against DeSantis.

Not only that, but Trump has also done quite well in the fundraising aspect of things.

His campaign has brought in more than $4 million since the indictment was announced.

Trump also decided to sell another round of NFTs for some quick cash.

His supporters bought them in a matter of hours, putting $4.6 million in Trump’s pockets.

Will it last? Time will tell.

Source: Fox News

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